Still up! 14 days and counting!

The tree is still standing!   The only thing that’s been bothered is a foot long section of pipe cleaner garland on the backside where Ebby jumps into the little window to bird.   Got to be a record with 2 kittens and 2 half grown hellions in the house!

Can you believe….14 days till Christmas?   I don’t have anything finished,  nothing wrapped, nothing boxed to ship….I’m so not ready.   On the positive side,  I do have cards addressed and ready to mail,  all but 2 types of candy made and I’ll hopefully work on fruit cakes tonight.  (I know,  no one likes fruit cakes).   These are not your traditional fruit cakes….these are in a light, fluffy dough base using brandy marinated dried fruits and some nuts.  YUMMY~  almost makes me want to dig out Granny B’s recipe for Rum Balls!!!!!  Those were highly marinated and brushed every few days with fresh rum for months before serving :-)   Don’t remember how the balls tasted, but the rum was pretty fruity!    Seriously,  haven’t made them in at least 30 years.

Have so many things I would like to do this year, but somehow – time has flown again and they’re not going to happen in 2013.   Maybe I’ll be better organized for 2014….maybe.

Susan ~ Patchkat