Tree or cat magnet?

Spent Saturday afternoon making candy for the Christmas gifts….and Saturday evening decorating the Christmas tree.  So far,  the kitties are studiously ignoring the tree.   Nighttime will be the test.   They’ve had 2 days of an undecorated tree sitting in the living room – and they’ve had 2 days of being squirted with water or yelled at.   All that’s taught them is to wait until we’re not in the living room to mess with the tree.

DSCF9658 (2)With all the lovely, special ornaments we have,  it is a real challenge to decorate a “cat friendly” tree.   Nothing glass, nothing with little parts they can chew and choke on….in other whum tree.

I’ll be so happy when all the kitties are old enough to not care about the tree and it’s decorations.   Our older cats don’t give much notice.  They know to wait for the packages and sparkly ribbons.   Ribbons are better to chew on and much easier to reach.  Most of our gifts end up upside down so the ribbons aren’t so easily accessible.

For now,  the tree is up,  the stockings are hung.  My next mission is to get the Santa collection out and on display in the old pie safe.

Still need to find the Creche for the Nativity set.   I love putting setting the family out on the mantle.  I’ve had to set it out the last few years without the Creche as it was still in the basement in a box.  Lance brought the boxes up when he was here at Thanksgiving, so I’m hoping to finally have the whole Nativity set together this year.

Need to make Turtles and Coffee Truffles.  After that,  think the last candies I”ll make will be apricot balls and maybe cranberry balls….MAYBE.  If I still have energy and chocolate left.

Susan ~ Patchkat



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