We beat the cold front home…

I worked all day Thursday….came home with the van covered in ice!   It started sleeting about 4PM and I had to scrape ice to go home at 5PM.   All I had for a scraper was the room key from the hotel!   Have no clue what happened to my good scraper.   Guess I shouldn’t complain…my co-worker was scraping her windows with the top off of her deodorant container!    can you tell,  we don’t get much of this stuff around here and aren’t prepared.   I did make it safely home where Ernie promptly scraped all the windows and left the wipers in the up position so they wouldn’t freeze to the windshield.   With the carport,  at least it keeps most of the weather off.

DSCF9650We had more rain/sleet during the night.   Ernie got out to feed the cats, birds and chickens.   Took a few photos for me before he built a fire in the fireplace.  Saved me from having to get out in the below freezing cold.

As you can see,  it was way too cold for snow.  We did end up with about an inch of ice on everything.   And yes, we had traffic on the road all day long.  You couldn’t have paid me enough to get in any type of vehicle and get on the roads.  This is where my day was spent!

DSCF9656The view from my recliner was of the fireplace.   Ernie kept it stoked quite nicely all.    I did take a little break and make some candy.  Will make more tomorrow.

This is how Ernie spent most of his day (when he wasn’t messing with the fireplace).    He makes the best bed…just ask the kitties!

DSCF9638  As you can see,   his lap was quite popular with the little cat people.   He had Spooky, Snuggles and ShadowFire in this photo.  The cast of felines changed several times in the course of the day.

If I sit down long enough,  my lap is full too.   Do you know how hard it is to type when you have 12 lbs of cat laying across your arms and the laptop keyboard?  Nearly impossible.   Forget crocheting, quilting or reading.  Your arms have other duties…mostly cuddling and petting kitties.

We’ve got stuff that needs to be done…groceries that need to be shopped for (the kitty larder is getting a little bare).  Church has been cancelled for tomorrow due to the road condition.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to get to Brownwood or Abilene one day soon.

In the meantime,  I’m going to cover up and enjoy the view from this recliner!


Susan ~ Patchkat



2 responses to “We beat the cold front home…

  1. if you need to remove ice for windows made this—2/3 part vingar and 1/3 part water spray on your window the ice will come off. Another one ; prevents ice forming on sidewalks. 1 tsp Dawn soap,1Tbsp rubbing alcohol,1/2 gallon hot or warm water mix and put on steps and side walks Keep warm. In Sherman we are to get fozen fog. It is supposed to leave a thin film of ice on anything it hits. Like yourself I am staying inside.

    Date: Sun, 8 Dec 2013 03:30:59 +0000 To: jgshaw10@hotmail.com

  2. Juanita–I live in snow country but did not know these formulas –copying! It’s down to one digit and low teens here—we’re freezing our buns off. No snow yet.