Another trip completed :-)

We loaded up on Tuesday morning heading for Houston and MD Anderson Hospital.    Based on what we’d been told last time, we were prepared to spend 3-4 days there and for me to have Gamma Knife surgery on Thursday.

What a blessing to have the Dr walk in Wednesday morning and say…we cannot see any changes or any need to do anything at this time!  We’ll see you for follow up testing in 3 months.   THANK YOU,  Dear LORD for answered prayers.  Thank you to all my followers who continually keep our family in prayer.  There’s power in prayers for others…Prayer works.   The Lord continually blesses those who are faithful.   Even my skeptical children have to understand this by now!

We’ll still have to visit with the Endocrinologist Oncologist, but hoping that can all be handled locally.   In the meantime,  we cancelled our remaining reservations, repacked, loaded the van….headed NORTH.  Trying to beat the latest round of bad, icy weather being advertised.

This is one of the most interesting little towns we come through…absolutely nothing to be seen from the highway except a few houses, fields, railroad tracks, and a POST OFFICE – but it’s the name… FLAT, TX.   DSCF9565 Flat is just that…very flat for miles around.  Probably how it received it’s name in the first place.   It was originally called Mesquite Flat but permanently named Flat when the PO opened in 1897.   Located in Coryell, TX in the Killeen, Temple, Ft. Hood area.  In the early 1900’s it was a thriving town with a population of 100.   This is still a farming/ranching community.   The population has continued to grow and in 2000 was 861!

Don’t you love learning about interesting little towns?   I do…and am always in search of new places.

Susan ~ Patchkat





7 responses to “Another trip completed :-)

  1. PTL!!!! This is wonderful news, I know this is such a weight off of you both. Whenever I hear of blessings like this, I always think of the song “Showers of Blessings”.
    Flat, TX was interesting, I also love to read about all the Quilt Blocks on Barns.
    I hope you dodged the worst of the weather.
    Lisa in Alabama

  2. The best Christmas gift you could get!!!! Hope you are warm and dry. We are still above freezing here in southern Mid- TN. Late afternoon could be a whole ‘nother story. Stay safe.

  3. Hope you get to stay home – you can’t blame us for sending you our cold weather, we’ve still got ours. It was -40 F overnight. We are now wearing our silk long johns under our clothes *inside*, even though the thermometer says it’s 70 F in here. When it’s this cold the heat radiates out of even well-insulated places so fast that you feel cold. brrrrrrr…..
    Love ya,
    Auntie Deb