The aftermath!

Stacie and Lane left on Thursday evening.   Laura and Emylee headed back to San Antonio on Friday afternoon.   Lance, Leslie and the kids headed home this afternoon.  Sorry to see them leave…never long enough visits!    Now it’s just “2 old farts” and the cats according to the kids.   We’ve taken naps,  had snack dinner and are settling in for the evening.   House is way too quiet…again.

DSCF9629I’m not sure exactly what game Emylee was playing, but it certainly had Kenneth’s attention.   She’s like a magnet for Kenneth and Katherine.    College seems to suit Emylee…and she says she loves it.




DSCF9632Lane and Laura helped Ernie hang Christmas lights…then when Lance arrived,  he helped Ernie with the last strings and getting timers set.   They pulled the last of the Christmas boxes out of the basement too.   Maybe in the next few days I will unpack the Santas and get them set out.

Lance and Leslie took down a couple of dead trees from the back 40, chopped the wood and loaded up a batch to take home with them.  Win-win situation for us as we were hesitant to take the trees down on our own.   Thanks guys for taking care of that problem!

Was a productive visit without spending the whole time the kids were here working.  Everyone pitched in and did a little…and we all enjoyed lots of visiting time.

I think the cats are happy to settle down again….but missing the kids.   Talk about spoiled…I think the kitties were either being played with or held every waking hour.    DSCF9622Scamp keeps looking around like he’s lost something.  We had to do a suitcase check to be sure Snuggles and Spooky stayed here.  All the kids loved the pseudo siblings.

Here we are…tired, but happy!   Love every minute we get to spend with the family.   Just wish we had all of them close enough to visit often…that Wisconsin bunch is just too far away.

Love to all…missing you bunches!

DSCF9625 (2)


Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “The aftermath!

  1. That picture of you and Ernie is great, even though his smile is in his shirt pocket! ;) So glad you had such a wonderful time.
    L<3ve to all,
    Auntie Deb