We’re NOT the Brady Bunch…just ask our kids…

We’re sort of a “Brady Bunch” without the maid, royalties or TV cameras.   Ernie and I came into our marriage with a certain amount of “historical baggage”,  2 children each, and a houseful of cats.   The children ranged from 4 to 11 years old with totally different temperaments and needs.  Because we didn’t all live under the same roof,  there were hostilities, perceived “favoritisms” and lots of jealousy.   To say there were hard feelings and a lot of tension would be putting it mildly.  Did they outgrow all of that?   I’d say yes, but only they could tell you for sure.    That’s the stuff they never showed on the “Brady Bunch”.

Looking back,  I think we did well as parents.   We taught them that hard work was nothing to shirk, that perseverance,  good work ethics, good family values, respect and manners were all important values.  It’s a blessing to watch as they are now passing those same values down to our wonderful grandchildren.

We’ve encouraged each other in our skills and talents.  Ernie was mechanically inclined…but he’s also discovered he has a talent for woodworking, he loves to bake, he enjoys taking part in the gardens, and he loves to work with children.   I’ve always sewed and crocheted, gardened.  With Ernie’s encouragement, my hobbies have grown to encompass charity quilting.  That has involved sinking a small fortune into a long arm quilting machine and no small amount of fabric stash.   I love cooking for groups…that may turn into running a local food bank and soup kitchen in Burkett.   Ernie supports my need to help people.

We’re survivors!   Today,  we celebrate 33 years of marriage.   Years of trials and tribulations with tears of pain, sorrow and joy.  Years of major ups and downs.  The Bible tells us that it’s “in the valleys we grow”….and you better believe that’s true.   Thinking about the tough times…down in those valleys of family troubles, job woes, and health issues…We continue to draw on our faith in our Lord Christ Jesus, which continually strengthens our bonds.

HE has a plan for each of us and I’m so thankful that HIS plans for me included bringing Ernie into my life,  our wonderful family, and a strong marriage.   Yep,  I’d do it all again.

I love you Ernie!  Happy 33 Anniversary!

Susan ~ Patchkat




12 responses to “We’re NOT the Brady Bunch…just ask our kids…

  1. Praise the Lord for all His goodness. A good marriage takes lots of work, love, and commitment. Thank you for your example.

  2. Yes, you have survived and more — you have grown. I would say that you have done well. May the Lord richly bless you and your family. I am praying for you now, in Jesus name!

  3. It sounds like you understand that a good marriage is about more than love, but also a lot of hard work, communication, respect, compromise, and growth. God bless you and may you have 33 more years together at least.

  4. Bless you both, a good marriage is a true gift. Each of you found a treasure in each other, and cherish it wisely. Many hugs and much love on this special day and may you celebrate many more happy years together!
    Auntie Deb

  5. I’m reading this a little late, but I hope y’all had a very Happy Anniversary, and Congrats on the 33 years together. On July 13, my husband & I celebrated our 34th, & I know the blessings & trials that the years can bring. I would also like to share, on December 22, my parents will celebrate their 63rd! I just hope we all can be blessed with that many, and more.
    Lisa in Alabama