Drips and Sparkles

Texas weather has struck again.   Friday saw us with freezing winds and rain, sleet and ice.   The NiceBossLady called and told me to stay home.   How could I argue with that????   Spent my day sewing!  YEAH!!!   Busted some stash on Christmas gifts!!!!

Did some reading in my recliner in front of a blazing fireplace.  What a terrific day!   Had a pork roast in the slow cooker which later became pulled pork.   It was good.

Saturday we waited till lunchtime and headed to Brownwood to pick up my prescriptions.  The roads were wet,   it rained, but wasn’t unsafe.   Walmart was packed.  You’d have thought they were giving something away.  NOT.  I’ll never understand why people feel they have to be so rude.   The store was full of absolute rudeness.

Few photos of the day….


Do you see the little fringe skirt of ice on the bottom of our street sign?   Every sign we passed had that same little fringe.   They looked so delicate and pretty.

Here we have a shot of the Bayou through the snow crusted pecan trees.  First frost, followed by a strong round of winds took almost all the leaves.  Now,  they’re just stark skeletons.








There is one stretch on Hwy 206 where the Red Oak trees are thick.  They are absolutely gorgeous.  The leaves run the gamut from bright yellow to deep, cranberry reds.  Of course, the battery on my camera died before I could get any photos.   I so want red oak trees in our back 40.   Don’t want to purchase one until the leaves are turning so I’ll know if it’s a “red” tree or a “brown/yellow” tree.   I am only interested in the reds.

My favorites here at the house are the Pyrocanthia bushes.   Those shockingly red berries and the green leaves…all covered in ice.  Pretty.


So it is that Winter rears it’s cold head in Texas.   We’ve enjoyed a dinner of homemade Zuppa Tuscana with a loaf of fresh made bread…have Tea Cakes for dessert.   Kitchen is clean,  laundry is done and I’m heading back to my recliner  in front of the fire…and plan to stay warm!


Susan ~ Patchkat


6 responses to “Drips and Sparkles

  1. Hi, sounds like your winter has started like ours. I’m hoping for it to get out of the teens and twentys today. I’m also ready for a little sunshine. Haven’t seen any of the above since before Friday. We did get some snow but with thick ice underneath.

    I just love your pictures! Stay warm and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ann

  2. We lived in Texas for years before moving to Montana, so it is fun reading about it on your blog. I love Red Oak and I love Zuppa Tuscana soup! I searched all over the web for as copycat Olive Garden recipe and finally found one that works with a little tweaking! I haven’t made any in awhile, so I might have to make some tonight to help ward off the single digit temps around here!

  3. We had awful -20 temps with a stiff north wind and snow last week. Thankfully this week is better. A balmy 26 degrees this morning. I can’t decide how to celebrate. Do I mop or do I go to WalMart and get the stuff I forgot when I went on Friday? The shoppers/staff at our WalMart are really nice. I think Canadians are more polite, except maybe in bars when they have a snootful, then they act like Texans! (Hoot hoot! Have to tease you a bit.) I love pyracantha too. The berries used to ferment on the bush in the winter when we lived in Phoenix, and the birds would eat them, get drunk and fight. The cat next door would come and pick them off, so your granddad would go out and pick the drunk birds up, put them in individual shoeboxes (no lids) or lay them on the bed on our screen-porch. Once they had sobered up he catch them and let them go or he’d open the door and shoo them out. :)
    Love you,
    Auntie Deb

    • Not all Texans are so obnoxious! However, that’s pretty accurate for many :-) Our berries don’t stay on long enough to really ferment. Wish they did…would be fun to rescue drunken birdies… Why can I see Granddad doing that???? He was such a stern man, but…think there was a tender heart under that gruff exterior. Love to you and yours!