Tomato green out…

I pulled most of the ripened tomatoes last night for the freezer.  Ended up with 4 containers for winter use.   Most of the tomatoes left are smaller and very green.  It always amazes me how quickly they go from green to red.   DSCF9572

I’m thankful we have enough to chop and freeze.   We’ve been eating them fresh for the last several weeks….lots of salads and my favorite,  polish one up,  take a bite, add some salt and continue eating!  Yum.  Memories of childhood sitting on the front porch picking them straight from the vines and eating.  Salt shaker by my side!

After a Summer where the grasshoppers ruled…this is a bonus for us.

Susan ~ Patchkat




4 responses to “Tomato green out…

  1. I made tomato relish last week. Charles ate the last of the ripe tomatoes tonight. I wish summer started next week.

    • Are you crazy woman???? 100+ degree days again…argh. Of course, I’m not looking forward to the next 10 days of freezing temps either. All of our tomatoes will be in the freezer by Saturday.

  2. What about Fried Green Tomatoes. I used to love those as a kid when my folks had a “truck farm” and we grew lots of tomatoes!

    • We do the occasional fried green tomatoes…and I’ve discovered that the Nopales cactus fries up and tastes almost identical the the green tomatoes! Yeah!