The case of the busted clock ~

Remember my posting about the broken clock…Ernie said the Brat Pack was involved, but he doesn’t know for sure which ones.

Okay,  would it really matter???  What am I going to do?  Beat the responsible parties?  Doubtful.  In the meantime,  this is what the used to be new mantle clock now looks like.  While it is an interesting composition,  it’s certainly NOT the look I had in mind!


The clock face just has a black metal rim where the *glass* used to be.  The large composite frame has whole sections busted out and is barely hanging together.  Need to bust it up for Friday’s garbage pickup.

This is one of the 4 possible culprits…little Miss Snuggles looking oh so innocent!    Actually,  from that sour puss look on her face,  I’d say she knows she done wrong.





Little kitties will be kitties…they’re rude, rowdy and always on a tear.  They zoom over the backs of the recliners, sit on the printer making blank copies, they swing from their cat tree with great abandon…and beat us to the doors.   In spite of all their litter box antics, being food thiefs, and just general trouble makers, we love them one and all.

Susan ~ Patchkat


One response to “The case of the busted clock ~

  1. Poor clock! Naughty naughty kitties, but the naughty is part of their charm… in retrospect, not when they are upending houseplants, breaking things, climbing the shower curtain, etc. At that point the urge to kill, or at least scold, rises!
    Love you,
    Auntie Deb