Another trip to Houston ~

Looks like we’re heading back to Houston on December 3 for a 6:15AM appointment on the 4th.    My eyes aren’t even open then!  Oh well.   Hotel reservations are made, just need to contact my favorite kitty sitter to get that squared away.

Wondering if I need to request more Valium,  lol as this is for the follow up brain MRI.   Not my favorite thing to do :-(   I’m just too claustrophobic for my own good.    If everything is unchanged,  we’ll be heading home afterwards.  Otherwise,  we’ll be there several more days while they do gamma knife surgery and the follow up appt.

One good thing about that long car ride…it’s enforced knitting time.   Maybe I’ll be able to finish the scarf I started knitting on last trip!   I’m ready to move on to something else.   Need to figure out the purl stitch next.   Once that’s done,  maybe, just maybe I can figure out a patterned scarf to try…something really, really simple.

In the meantime,  I have a basket full of cherry tomatoes that have suddenly ripened…need to spend some time with them tonight.  Think I will prepare them for the freezer.   Love diced tomatoes in chili and our winter soups/stews.  Need to chop the balance of the green ones to freeze for Green Tomato Soup.  YUM.

This was posted on face book…and I HAVE to SHARE!!!!    I not only have 1 handsome Son, but 2 handsome Son-in-Laws!!!!   How much more blessed could I be?

  Susan ~ Patchkat


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