Winter has arrived!

We went from 80+ and sunny to 27 degrees and overcast, windy, COLD for this part of Texas.   It’s a good thing we picked the last of the garden crop and moved all the plants.   Spent Monday moving plants into the greenhouse room and up under the tarp covered benches on the front porch.   Everything in the garden turned black and wilted!  The kitties love it when the tarp comes out as they get underneath it to sleep during the cold days.  With the sun shining on the tarp,  the air under the benches is a balmy 50+ most days.   Plus,  if the sun is shining,  we roll the tarp up and let the sun shine on the plants, so it’s a win-win situation.

With winter comes soups, stews, beans, casseroles and chili….all a bonus for me…easy to throw together and let simmer all day.  As a plus,  it’s time for the fireplace!!!!  We’ve had a fire the last several evenings.  It’s nice to stay toasty warm without running the central heat.  Love it!   My skin doesn’t seem to dry out as bad with the fire going.   Something about central heat just sucks every drop of moisture out.

Now it’s time to bring out the hand quilting and curl up in the recliner!   I’m about 3/4 the way done with one quilt and have another waiting in the wings.   Dear daughter Christy informed me ages ago that SHE doesn’t do hand quilting!   But she does beautiful machine quilting, so that makes up for it.

Watching the Hackberry trees dropping leaves this morning reminded me that the Cedar Wax Wings should be coming through for the berries.  All our trees are covered this year!   I love the Wax Wings.  They’re noisy,  sleek, colorful with that 1/4″ band of bright yellow on their tails and fun to watch.   We keep a huge tray of water on the ground…and when the Wax Wings come through,  all you see is a solid ring of grey with a ring of lemon yellow.   I don’t know how they can pack so many birds into one little area!

By the weekend,  we’re supposed to be back in the 80’s.   Texas weather is wild!

Susan ~ Patchkat



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