Puppy Love? or not!

DSCF9567Can you see her?   Snuggles got in trouble in the kitchen,  so she found Scamp and cuddled up.  They’ve already done the mutual admiration society grooming.   Then it was forearms around each other’s necks until I stood over them with the camera.

How can anyone not love kitties?   No,  I don’t expect an answer as I know a lot of non-kitty people.  Just so happens that we love them here.

Had to share the picture though….He’s 3 times the size of her and he loves her.  Think the feelings are mutual.



3 responses to “Puppy Love? or not!

  1. Kitties are a home entertainment centre. That’s why I have been chasing Hobbes around the kitchen yelling at him, and am now looking for my patience, which I had when I got up and seem to have lost before breakfast! LOL
    Auntie Deb