Heading for home tomorrow

But will hear from Dr office on Friday afternoon with instructions on when we have to come back.   May be going under the Gamma Knife at a later time….like in 2 weeks.   2 spots on the skull.   Not necessarily cancer, but don’t need to be there either.

At least,  we’re through for this visit.   We met the neurosurgeon and the radiologist specialist.   Like them both….like their candor and their bedside manners.   Both of them radiate calm and confidence.   That’s a good thing.   If we don’t do the Gamma thing,  then I may have to undergo 4-6 weeks of radiation, but that can be done in Abilene…much closer to home.

No one seems overly concerned at this time, but did say there is the potential for the spots to develop and become harmful.   The radiologist said they will meet in conference on Friday AM and my case will be brought before the board and discussed.  Whatever the general consensus is from all the relative specialists is what will be done.   I find that comforting in that not just 1 Dr. makes all the decisions.   There is input from all the neurosurgeons, the radiologist teams and the oncologists…plus the supporting professionals.  They consider all aspects of the treatments and the after effects.    Now,  we go home and wait for Friday’s call.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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  1. Best of luck,prayers for all are being sent. liked what you stated about all involved had a voice in your treatment. Again best of luck

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  2. It is comforting when the left hand not only knows what the right hand is doing but is involved in the decision. I agree that such conferencing is helpful. Hugs.