Shades of Fall!

We’re beginning to see the trees changing colors. The oaks are turning a pretty rosy golden color.  sadly,  I haven’t captured that on film.  The sun is never in the right place when I’m out there, so the colors won’t come out right.   No photo.


The pyracanthia bushes are a lovely shade of orange/red.  The Cardinals love the berries and we love the Cardinals.


The tomatoes are still blooming and still look great…of course, if it gets down to freezing tonight, that won’t be the case.   We’re hoping the freezes will hold off until we are home again and can get the produce picked.


Then there are the peppers…we’ve waited ALL summer for these to do anything besides sit there….and now.   Both plants are covered in bitty bells.   They’ll never finish growing as our nights are too cool now.  Crazy plants!


The kitties are loving the cooler days.  The outside ones are super frisky.  Lots of running and jumping.   The inside kitties sit at the screen door and long to be out there.  They’re getting in their share of running and jumping in the house.  The poor cat tree comes close to falling over several times a day.   What Stacie has named the “Brat Pack”…or the terrible 4some can do some serious damage when they run through the house.    The two black kittens plus Scamp and ShadowFire are more than I bargained for!    They come tearing under the desk and wipe out Magic Jack (unplugging it from the computer) and flinging Ernie’s wired mouse to the 4 winds.  Don’t know how they can snag every cord under the desk!    Papers stacked on the desk or counter are NOT safe either.


These guys are unbelievable.  But they’re ours, so I guess we’ll deal with them till they grow up!


Susan ~ Patchkat




One response to “Shades of Fall!

  1. As the photo materialized slowly on my slow connection, I thought you were making a landscape quilt with little pieces. Now my MO, but it would make a good one.