I swore I wasn’t going to do this…..

but my friends (and you ALL know WHO you are…Sheryl, Judy, Denise…) have kept on posting their beautiful knitted socks, scarves, shawls, collars….get the picture???    So….

I made a trip to Wally-World and purchased a set of knitting needles….found a skein of yarn in the sewing room and put a video on the computer.   After turning the air semi-blue, watching the video about 25 times, and ripping out multiple attempts,  I have managed to figure out the whole slip knot, casting on, knit stitch process.    This is what I worked on for 5 hours of the 6.5 hour trip to Houston today.   You 3 QUIT LAUGHING!!!   This is so feeble and pathetic compared to the beautiful work you’ve posted.    I obviously have a LONG ways to go!




We are in Houston tonight.   Dr. apt at MD Anderson tomorrow morning.  Don’t know what’s in store after that.   Hoping we’ll be able to head back home tomorrow,  but not sure.   They get you into one office and then make multiple appointments so when you get ready to walk out, it’s “oh,  you have another appointment on….)   I just want to be home with my kitties.

  We checked into an Extended Stay hotel…nice.  The room is comfy and clean.  It’s right across the street from the Holiday Inn we’ve been staying at.   This one comes with a fully equipped kitchen, there’s an onsite laundry and the things one needs to stay for a day, week or month.   If I were inclined to cook (and I’m NOT) this is great.   They do run the free shuttle service to the hospital though…and are right across the street from a big shopping center, Long John SIlvers, The Olive Garden and about 20 other restaurants.

Tonight is pretty hectic as there is a pro football game going on at Reliant Stadium.   All the hotels are selling parking spaces and a few of the hotel residents are up in arms as they have no-where to park.  We’d be in the same situation if we didn’t have handicap parking privileges.   Not too smart on the hotel’s part.    Some of the quilt show venders are staying here too and couldn’t find a place.   They were giving the poor desk clerk H*ll when we passed the lobby.   Yep,  they have every right to be upset, but the clerk isn’t the one at fault.  Felt sorry for her.

Time to think about bed.  Have to be up early in the AM.

Susan ~ Patchkat



4 responses to “I swore I wasn’t going to do this…..

  1. I think it’s the fault of those other two — you know what troublemakers they are — it has to be them! :-) It looks like you’re doing great!

  2. I’ll let you carry the family can for knitting. I have tried it and it sticks its tongue right out and gives me a big raspberry. After trying to poke out my own eyes and wrapping the yarn around my arms feet and neck I decided I just ain’t cut out fer knittin’. But looks like you are learning fast. Glad to read the Houston team has a good system worked out.

    Auntie Deb

  3. That is very good for a first attempt! Nice and even and no skipped stitches! Better than what I did when I first tried. I love bamboo needles –the yarn doesn’t slide off as easily when you don’t want it to Am knitting a shawl on circular needles–will probably make it a bit bigger than the pattern. Discovered an awesome yarn shop here in town that carries many of the yarns Denise uses….first quilting, then beading, then knitting—-can you see dthe $$$$ adding up? LOL!