Melba is right – it only gets better

Have you ever tried to order CPAP or Bi-PAP supplies?   Seems that what used to be an email order away has now turned into a complicated process of needing the original Rx (which I never had a copy of) and a current Rx for the supplies.   When asked why the changes….it has to do with Medicare requirements.

Since I purchase all my supplies outright,  I see no need for insurance or Medicare (which I don’t qualify for yet) to be involved.   I mean,  what would you do with a 6′ plastic hose?   Is that contraband?   Good grief!   What have we turned into?

I am absolutely amazed at the insane antics of our World.   Everyone has gone crazy.    And when Melba commented on the last post, she was absolutely ON TARGET.

Susan ~ Patchkat

PS… my order did ship this morning,  so my old cracked, kitty clawed, many times duct taped hose will be replaced.   Finally.   Makes me wish I’d bought a case of them the last time I ordered.   Heaven forbid I need to replace my mask…..or my machine…*sigh*


It never fails

Power went out this am… phone service.   Ernie was out on the front porch, standing on his head trying to get a signal on his cell phone…the paper with the elec provider’s phone number and our 10 digit customer number in hand…and there’s a breeze.   He looked kinda comical trying to keep the paper where he could read it and the phone signal intact.  Then the provider person got a little disgruntled when Ernie suggested part of their grid might be down.  Hee hee hee…have you checked your main circuit breaker sir?   That drew a good response from my sweetie!   Don’t think OUR circuit breaker controls all of Burkett.  ptg01677540

I came into work with sketchy makeup, wet hair and undercooked breakfast.  YUK.   I did manage to get a couple of curls in the semi dry hair after I got into the office, so I don’t look as much like death warmed over.   Gave up on the makeup – who needs it anyway.  Highly overrated!

Anyhow,   Ernie remembered that Magic Jack phone ( a corded phone) can be plugged into the jack and work!   Yeah.  As soon as he plugged the phone in,  Lowe’s called.   A problem with the side by side fridge that is to be delivered today.   They didn’t have that model in stock, so had to order it.  Won’t be in until tomorrow…and they MIGHT could get it delivered this week.   WRONG!

Short version….we’re taking the floor model (which is in great shape) at a further discount.  It will be delivered this afternoon.   Only downside – we bought it outright, so will have to drive into Abilene (67 miles one way) to pick up a refund check.   Guess we can do that later this week.  What a hassle!   All I wanted was a refrigerator that works.   Why are what should be simple things NEVER simple????

Oh…and 2 hours later, still no power.  It’s a good thing we have a gas stove and even with it’s electronic starters,  it can be match lit.   At least Ernie could have his breakfast and reheat his coffee.   Life is grand.

Susan ~ Patchkat