Guess what’s almost upon us….


Once again, it’s almost upon us – – –

That time of gremlins and goblins, fairies and cowboys, space men, aliens and princesses….all of them with their bags and baskets looking for goodies.   That means being careful what you hand out, being watchful of what your grandchildren and children receive.  While I haven’t heard any horror stories lately of impregnated candies, it never hurts to check the bags for bad stuff.

Speaking of being watchful,  remember the little ones have tunnel vision.  They only see as far as the next front door.  They’re not watching cars on the streets or in driveways….hopefully,  those little ones will be attached to an older sibling or a parent who is more watchful, but just incase,  be careful in your navigation of the streets.

Being out in Burkett,  we very seldom have more than a couple of trick or treaters.   Kind a sad as we enjoyed visiting with the kids and seeing their costumes when we lived in El Paso.  Out in the country,  it’s too far between houses for the parents to bring kids around.

One year,  Ernie rigged up the house with scary stuff, turned off most of the lights.   We set up chairs outside he as a pirate, me as a witch…he spooked a good many little ones and it was FUN!!!!   Wickedly FUN.

Susan ~ Patchkat


One response to “Guess what’s almost upon us….

  1. Happy Halloween, Susan! We usually have a family costume party for my son-in-law’s Mom’s home as she was born on Halloween! The young ones go trick or treating in the neighborhood. But I will miss Halloween here completely this year as two of my daughters, granddaughter, her hubby and baby will be flying to Hawaii on the 31st. and returning on 11/7 which will be my little great grandson’s 1st birthday! I have heard that they really celebrate Halloween in Hawaii so maybe we’ll get to see some of the festivities and decorations there.