Wow! One would think I dropped off the face of the Earth….

But I really haven’t.    Just been a little on the quiet side lately.  Think we’ve rested up and recovered from those 2 whirlwind trips to Houston and MD Anderson.    We’ll be going again on the 4th to see another specialist.   If we’re lucky,  we’ll only be there a couple of days this time.

We’ve decided we need another vehicle, so have been shopping around.   What we’re leaning towards is a Ford Escape.   Anyone have any opinions on the 2013 Ford Escape?   Holler at me if you do….we’re really needing some real life feedback here.   We’re actually looking at a 2014, but they don’t have any history yet.   It’s closer to the same configuration as our old 2000 Windstar and I can get in/out of it.   Don’t laugh!   there are a bunch of the vehicles that I cannot get into without major contortions.   That’s sad, cause some of them are more fuel efficient.   But, the Escape isn’t too shabby in that area and it’s better than the Windstar.

In addition,   we made a fun trip down to Brady, TX and the Evridge Furniture store.   (be sure to click on the links!)  What a neat store!   I expected furniture, furniture and even more furniture.  What we found was Jim Shore figures, beautiful glassware and dishes, all manner of wonderful Christmas decorations and the list could go on forever!   They did have furniture,  rugs, Texas stuff and appliances.  We didn’t even go upstairs to look at the bedroom stuff.   What we did was purchase 2 wonderful recliners for the house.   We’ll have to make another trip to Brady before Christmas!   Our trip included lunch at MiFamilia which was terrific.   The best Chili Relleno I’ve had in at least 10 years.  That alone would be worth the drive down there!

We’ve been enjoying the tomatoes and okra from the garden.   Yum.  with the cooler weather,  they’ve been producing much better.   We’ve had more pattipan squash too which I’ve been dicing and freezing for winter meals.   Never did get winter greens planted, but it will be okay.  Maybe we’ll get an earlier start next year.

We’ve also been doing some yard cleaning, cleaned out the greenhouse getting the kitty quarters ready for cold weather.  Now we’re rearranging furniture and getting ready to get rid of some extra stuff.   Kids are coming for Thanksgiving and they expect to be able to sleep in the beds…imagine?

So,  while I’ve been remiss in posting,  I’m very much alive and kicking!   We’ve just been running and busy.

Susan ~ Patchkat



8 responses to “Wow! One would think I dropped off the face of the Earth….

  1. You are so busy all the time. My daughter has a Ford Escape, but it is several years old. She loves it. I can get inside and I’m a very big gal….grin. I do think the 2014 is a new shape. Shelley’s is more square. Hope that helps. Enjoy your new recliners.

  2. I’m driving my second Escape and have loved them both. This one gets about 28 mpg on the highway, which is great. And I like how it rides.

  3. Just had a rental for about a month and it was a Ford Escape. I’m not a Ford person but I sure liked that car. It was very smooth driving and very easy to get in and out of. We are looking at a new car also and I really liked it enough to consider getting one also.

  4. Can’t help you on the car issue :-) but I do love the look of those recliners!! I’m going to have to go on the search soon for some new living room furniture and have been contemplating replacing my couch and chair with just a love seat and recliner. The kitties will appreciate their winter quarters — we had our first hard frost night before last and it’s currently 29 degrees. :-)

    • Brrr….not wanting frost yet. Still hoping to harvest a few more okra and squash, lol. Stay warm my friend!

  5. What a neat furniture store…Many happy days with your new recliners. I get my best sleep in my recliner.

    I like the look of the Ford Escape but have never driven one. I have a 2007 Nissan Altima (can’t be too close to the road is my theory). Hubby likes to sit up and be able to look at everything and everyone. I like to be close to the road. The only problem with my car is that it has 3 inch clearance from the road….I think I’ve scraped every street in town and curbs are bad news. Must go at an angle. Some of the roads (if you can even call them roads) are the pits. I’d like to go see the elk but I understand the road is full of pot holes. It would take a tank to make it up there. Good luck with the car buying.


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  6. See, what I said, *energetic*! Wish we had room for recliners. This teeny living room is the pits for that. I love my KIA Soul for getting in and out of, but it’s strictly a town car. Not room for more than a gnat and ballbat at the same time.
    Love you!
    Auntie Deb

    • we have a teeny living room too! We need to dump the 3 cushion, 2 recliner sofa and get a love seat…or maybe just not replace it. But…when people come by, it’s nice if you can offer them a place to sit and visit :-) There are a few, that it would be better if there were NO other seats, LOLOL. The little KIA Soul has the door set up that lets you get in without having to double your legs up…that nice squared off door/floor area. I truly believe you would need to be double jointed to get into some of the newer models!