back to work :-(

Actually,  that’s not really true.   Better to be working than being radiated, poked and prodded.

First,   a thanks to daughter Stacie for coming to stay with the kitties.   She spoils them soooo bad,  but it’s wonderful to not have to worry about them…and to find the house clean and in order.   This time,  she left us some yummy leftovers which were most welcome as we didn’t have to do anything but reheat Saturday and Sunday.   So far,  our schedule and her work schedule have worked well for her to come during the week.     Hope it stays that way till we get done with all the testing and specialists in Houston.

Our last appointment in Houston on Friday was to be at noon.   We checked out of the hotel in preparation of heading home afterwards.  Well…as plans go, it looked good on paper.   We finally saw the Dr about 4:00 PM.   Got out of the hospital about 5:00 PM and out of Houston area about 7:00 PM.   Traffic on a Friday afternoon/evening is HORRENDOUS!    Best part of it…we stopped on the outskirts at a cute Pizza shop and had calzones and chicken parmegan sandwiches.  YUMMY.

Of course,  we didn’t arrive home until almost 2 AM.   Cats were happy to see us and we were ready to see them.  Unpacked what we needed and crawled into bed.   Kitties were awake at 6 AM and ready to eat.  Back to bed for another hour, then to the recliner for several more lazy hours.

Only thing we accomplished Saturday was cleaning out the greenhouse and washing all the outdoor kitty bedding.   Now we’re ready to put the bedding back into their tubs and when it’s time, there’s room to move a few plants into the greenhouse for the winter.   I still need to check the heater and be sure it works.   It hasn’t been on since March and it’s full of spider webs and dust.   At least,  the outside kitties have someplace to stay when it gets really cold.   The heater keeps the room about 45-50 degrees when it’s freezing outside.   they can stay toasty warm in their tote houses and their water doesn’t freeze in the greenhouse.    Wonder if the chickens will find the “warm” room????  Doubt the kitties would share, lol.

Ernie grilled rib eyes tonight and I made cheesy-potatoes, sautéed mushrooms and a tossed salad to go with.   We’ll have blueberry-pear cobbler shortly.   I made that yesterday afternoon.   We both had a sweet tooth, lol.    I found fresh blueberries and some fresh pears in the freezer….quick  and easy dessert.    Only thing missing was a scoop of vanilla ice cream, but we haven’t had any of that in the house for ages.

Anyhow,  tomorrow is another day.   At least it will be a short work week.   Already planning what to do next weekend, lol.   Think it will involve getting all the extra stuff out of the bunkhouse as 2 of the kids have already said they’re coming for Thanksgiving weekend.   We’re looking forward to that!!!!   Love it when they get to come visit and bring the Grands.

Need to fold a load of clothes and get ready for bed.   My days of lazing in sweats has come to an end for this week.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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