Sheer Bliss!!!

Today’s testing done.   We actually arrived at the hotel about 4PM.    Changed into swimsuits and headed for the hot tub.   Can we say PURE BLISS!!!!

It’s been at least 13 years since I was able to be totally immersed in water.  I haven’t been able to take baths in about 7 years…and we haven’t been around a pool/hot tub since we left Saudi Arabia.   I’ve missed having pools and beaches at my disposal.   we’re going to seriously have to think about a hot tub or a jacuzzi.    My back/hips feel better right now than they have in months.  WONDERFUL!

Now that we’re dressed,  it’s time to go in search of tonight’s dinner.


Susan ~ Patchkat


Trip 2, Day 2 ~

Made it to Houston for the second round of testing.   More lab work,  a late start to the MRI prep/testing.   We weren’t finished until 10:30PM.   Ernie called the hotel and managed to snare the shuttle service before it shut down for the night.   Finally made the hotel about 11PM.    We  had not eaten since noon,  so….into the car with a map and the Garmin.   Found a Denny’s not too far away.    Wait staff was extremely nice, food was good.

Think we crawled into bed about 12:45AM.   Tired after the long drive and the time hiking through the hospital.  I wonder how sick people get around inside that place.  If you cannot walk at least 3 miles,  you’ll never make it.   We hiked in,  finished in the lab, rode the elevator to the area where you can cross from one building to another.   Fortunately,  they run little shuttle trams to get from the main building to the Mays building.   We couldn’t have walked it last night.    Got into the Mays building,  had to take another elevator to get to the appropriate floor.

Like a good girl,   I took my sedative (I’m claustrophobic) half hour before the MRI and another right before I went in.   The test took about 45 minutes and I was a basket case by the time I got off the table.   And I have to do another one this afternoon.   Can you guess how much I’m looking forward to THAT?????

DSCF9539This is the view from our hotel room…taken about 7:30AM.   That’s the Astrodome on the left side.   Sure looks small compared to Reliant Stadium.   We’ve got to be in Texas…they don’t build small buildings here!

The other view we have is of the pool area.   Too bad we don’t have time to get in it!   sure looks inviting to me.   There is a hot tub too.   If we’re back early enough, I may take a dip tonight.

Susan ~ Patchkat