Daily activities

DSCF9531This is our Muck.   She can be quite the witch….every calico/tortoise shell we’ve ever had has had an attitude.   Muck is no different.   She loves to go outside and survey her domain.  Twice a day,  we call her in to eat and just to be sure she’s okay.   After about 30 minutes of calling her from the front door then the back door, you walk out on the deck and …what do you see…Muck in a flower pot watching you.

She’s been laying there the whole time…never said a word and didn’t twitch a whisker to indicate she was there.   She can be soooo aggrevating.

She’s my sweetie, cuddle kitty at night…and she’s my biggest hindrance to reading or typing.  She insists on laying in my lap and stretching out across my book or the laptop keyboard.   growls if you try to make her move.   She can cop an attitude faster than any kitty I’ve ever seen.

Between laundry loads,  I happened to see ShadowFire staring intently out the glass doors….grabbed the camera but scared them off the deck with the flash.  Caught them as they ran to the backyard. DSCF9535

Ernie mowed the other day and they’ve been enjoying scratching bugs up out of the clippings.   They’re so funny to watch.   The gyrations they go through to catch bugs!










These gals are getting plump and don’t run far from us.    I would love to feed them but so far,  they’ve stayed alive and been safe.  If I start trying to feed them,  that might make them targets for some predator.   There are 2 with golden heads, 1 with a chocolate head,  and 1 with a red-head plus the white girl.   Something got the white rooster.

After Ernie mowed,  the yard was full of bright red cardinals.   I’ve noticed they’re spending lots of time on the side yard.  We have 2 large Pyracantha bushes covered in berries by the car port.   With the berries ripening,  I think we’ll see more of them at the car port.  I’m thinking of moving a feeder and a water dish over there for them.    We’ve always had a lot of Cardinals.   Must be the bayou and the wooded areas around the property.  Whatever it is,  we love seeing them.   Cannot count how many new generations have been born and raised in our yard in the last 10 years.  Same with the Eastern Flycatchers…we’ve watched countless fledglings take off from the nest on the sewing room window.

Just a glimpse into life in the country.

Susan ~ Patchkat