another rant….

What is it about young women that makes them be attracted to the most awful men????  Where is their self esteem?   Where are their parents, siblings, friends, counselors?   We see the bad decisions every day.    It’s sad and there’s not much we can say to convince them that they deserve better lives for them and their children.

Case in point – young Mom, 2 small children.  Living in assisted housing, works part-time, grammy babysits for free.  She can make it on her own.    Baby Daddy of #2 shows up,  she lets him move in (against the rules).   Not only is he a felon with prison under his belt,  he’s under charges for aggravated assault.  Both definitely not allowed in housing.   He’s not the kind of person you want around your babies.    If she disagrees with him,  he beats on her.   He quit his job so he doesn’t have to pay child support and he’s living/sponging off of her.   My job….to throw her out because she won’t/can’t get rid of him.

This is just 1 family.   On her own,  she’s great, but she throws it all away for a guy who is nothing but bad, bad, bad.   I have Child Protective Services calling wanting to take the babies.   This girl is going to lose everything.   She will become ineligible for any kind of housing help once she’s evicted….for a period of at least 3 years.   How is she going to live?  Raise those babies if she manages to keep them?   What kind of example is she setting for them?   How demoralizing is this to her self esteem?

Makes me so angry that they cannot see where this is leading.   We can offer parenting classes, but not “smart” classes for making good decisions.   It’s just sad.


Susan ~ Patchkat


6 responses to “another rant….

  1. Part of the problem is that these girls are brought up living on welfare, and just perpetuate it. They don’t know anything different, so stick with what they know. It really is a shame.

  2. every day all day. cant be the sex assholes like that are to lazy. I think those girls really think that is the best they can do. it is sad.

  3. Susan, I can relate so much to your remarks… my best friend’s granddaughter could be that girl. But, I’m concerned that your worry won’t be good for your own well-being. Take care!

  4. you keep on ranting. if enough rational people keep topics like this one out where people can see them maybe we can come up with more practical solutions.

  5. I am right there with you. I have seen some young girls here who seem to hero worship certain cultures rather than think about values. Sad, sad and I want to cry.

  6. It is sad but like you say, there are no SMART classes. Sounds like he and she both need to be fixed so they don’t bring any more babies into the world.