Out sourcing….not always a good thing

well worth the couple of minutes it takes to watch.


Anyone who’s read my blog for any length of time, knows how strongly I feel about “buying American”.   It’s become a habit to look at the tags to see where our groceries, housewares, cleaning equipment and clothing come from.   After spending several weeks researching wear-ables,  I determined that very few articles of women’s clothing and foot ware are manufactured in the USA.   More and more of our non-perishable food is coming from overseas.   Housewares, toys, electronics, craft supplies?   Mostly from overseas.   What’s so bad about that?

Think about it…you’re an assembly line worker at a widget plant.   Your widget is outsourced to …let’s say Honduras so the company can cut it’s labor and production costs.    The domino effect comes into play.

You’re out of a job.   So are the office and cleaning staffs and all the company cafeteria workers.   Suddenly, there’s an empty building or two.   The local utility companies have lost an account,  the housing market suffers as those R & D people and key staff have to relocate to Honduras.  The schools lose students which lowers their federal funding and means they need fewer teachers.  The towns lose part of their tax base.   It also means the grocery store loses business as do the gas stations, day care centers, dry cleaners, restaurants and so on.   The repercussions of that one company moving that one widget overseas just keep on going.    And that’s just 1 product.

What can we do to restore our jobs?   Buy American.  It should be more than just a slogan to us.   It’s hard to find American made products, and yes, they’re generally more expensive, but it can be done.

When I was diagnosed with Cancer,  I got rid of my Teflon coated cookware.   I replaced it with stainless steel…but I had to do some serious searching to find USA made cookware that fit my needs.   I couldn’t just walk into the big box stores to find what I needed as they’re all purchasing from companies that have outsourced the wares.

Looking for USA goods is a great use for the computer as opposed to the games I often play, lol.    If we could all become more conscientious about what we’re spending those hard earned dollars on,  we could send a strong message to those outsourcing companies…bring our jobs home and we’ll buy from you.


another rant….

What is it about young women that makes them be attracted to the most awful men????  Where is their self esteem?   Where are their parents, siblings, friends, counselors?   We see the bad decisions every day.    It’s sad and there’s not much we can say to convince them that they deserve better lives for them and their children.

Case in point – young Mom, 2 small children.  Living in assisted housing, works part-time, grammy babysits for free.  She can make it on her own.    Baby Daddy of #2 shows up,  she lets him move in (against the rules).   Not only is he a felon with prison under his belt,  he’s under charges for aggravated assault.  Both definitely not allowed in housing.   He’s not the kind of person you want around your babies.    If she disagrees with him,  he beats on her.   He quit his job so he doesn’t have to pay child support and he’s living/sponging off of her.   My job….to throw her out because she won’t/can’t get rid of him.

This is just 1 family.   On her own,  she’s great, but she throws it all away for a guy who is nothing but bad, bad, bad.   I have Child Protective Services calling wanting to take the babies.   This girl is going to lose everything.   She will become ineligible for any kind of housing help once she’s evicted….for a period of at least 3 years.   How is she going to live?  Raise those babies if she manages to keep them?   What kind of example is she setting for them?   How demoralizing is this to her self esteem?

Makes me so angry that they cannot see where this is leading.   We can offer parenting classes, but not “smart” classes for making good decisions.   It’s just sad.


Susan ~ Patchkat