as molasses.   That’s how I’m running right now.   We are home from Houston.  Don’t have any results yet.   The trip was uneventful in both directions, thank God.   I’ve already told you about the hospital and you certainly don’t want to hear the blow by blow details of the testing.  SO….

Coming home on Friday,  we stopped at a roadside yard statuary store.   A cow had caught my eye on the way down.   Nope,  she didn’t come home with us.   Too big and not as cool close up as I’d thought from the road.   The neatest thing I saw was a bull shaped BBQ/smoker grill.   He was terrific, rusty and extremely pricey.   Still think he would look great in our yard!!!    There were also some pretty inlaid tile tables that would be cool.   Most of them were way too large for our small areas.  They were nice though.

We brought cloud cover with us all the way so it wasn’t too hot.   Stopped several times for leg stretching and fuel.  Only had one aggravating driver in front of us.  She barely did the speed limit (75) for miles and miles while the traffic stacked up behind her.   Ernie finally passed her and life was good.  Outside of Temple,  she came roaring past us only to slow down again.   Rather than blowing a gasket and getting behind her again, we stopped for cold drinks and let her clear the area.   I can see how road rage can affect people….cause I really lost patience with that little white car with Virginia tags.

Stopped for lunch in Temple, then a run for Burkett.   Stacie had the house clean, dishes washed, kitties fed….and all we needed to do was unload and put stuff up.   What a blessing to have great kids!

Those clouds we brought with…turned into several terrific rain showers on Saturday.   Yeah!   The okra is blooming, tomatoes are ripening and we had another 3 or 4 patty pan squash ready for picking.  The cooler evenings seem to be producing many more female blooms on the squash plants…therefore, more fruit!    Looks like there will be another bag to go in the freezer.

Sunday saw sunshine and cooler temperatures.  Most welcome around here.   It was 5th Sunday, so plenty of good fellowship and food after services.  Guess that’s the modern day equivalent to the old picnic on the grounds.   How can you go wrong with choices like chicken, brisket, chicken and dumplings, casseroles, fresh veggies and yummy desserts???

A sweet church member gave me a card with a list of scriptures to read.  Wish I could share them with those despondent folks I saw at MD Anderson.   These scriptures are full of hope and promise.   A good reminder that the Lord will not forsake us and that HE’s in charge of all things.

Yesterday was a zoo at work.  Not only playing the “catch up” game, but end of the month reports and setting up for the October rents.   The next few days will be super busy collecting rents and getting papers signed.   Money is always good :-)

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “SLOW, SLOW, SLOW…..

  1. Glad you had a safe, if frustrating trip. Prayers now are for positive test reports. Your garden sounds wonderful. And you get to enjoy it from the freezer all winter!

  2. So glad you had what your Granny Cavel always called “Traveling Mercy” to Houston and back. I am sinning, coveting your okra and squashes. Bad bad me!!
    Love you,
    Auntie Deb

    • Wish you were here…then you wouldn’t have to “covet”…you could share!

      Love ya!