Day 2 – Round 2

DSCF9525 (2)  This little shuttle is a life saver.   The hotel runs several every hour.   They go from door to door.   No having to stress out over driving in major rush hour traffic…no paying $15.00 for valet parking and no trying to find a place to park in the public parking areas.

In addition to that,  the hotel puts on a wonderful breakfast buffet and gives folks with a medical reservation a voucher for the breakfast/buffet.   How can you beat that?

We’re right across the street from about 30 stores/eateries and around the corner from Joe’s Crab Shack and about 20 more eateries.

Think we’ll be repeat customers.

Testing was … well…. testing.    Been shot up, felt up, poked and prodded.   I’ve been radioactive-vated, x-rayed, bone scanned and a few other not so exciting things.   Was glad to get the little IV port out and be disconnected from the tubing.    I’m thankful it’s over for this trip.   We did pick up the appointment schedule for October.   That will be another 3 day ordeal…only because they cannot run certain tests within 24 hours of each other…and I’ll see the dr. last thing.

To show it wasn’t all torture,   this is where we went tonight…..

DSCF9526 (2)

Overseas, this was one of my most favorite stores.   I’ve been wanting to get into this store since 2000.   Tonight, we did and I was very disappointed.   Things were not as I remembered.    I was looking for new dishes to match the ones we have – wrong.   Found the same manufacturer, but the colors were so different, there was no way they could be mix or match with our old ones.   The other brands, styles were pastel colors and in my opinion….ugly.

The little storage boxes I was looking for – nope.  Those aren’t around anymore either.   And so on and so forth.   Some cute lamps, wonderful pop up baskets and a couple of cool rugs.    We weren’t in there for very long and Ernie couldn’t believe it when I was ready to check out.   Maybe we’ll check them out in another 13 years, lol.

We’ll be heading for Burkett tomorrow.   I’m ready to be home again.  Oh…would you believe I still haven’t found a decent Houston map???   Guess nobody around here ever needs to know where they are…or perhaps the GPS business has replaced paper maps.   In  my opinion, the GPS is okay in most situations, but faced with construction, she cannot find her way out of a paper sack.   Tonight,  we passed an exit just as she told us we needed to turn.   Then she got huffy at having to recalculate.

Oh well.   Don’t need her in Burkett.

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “Day 2 – Round 2

  1. Still got you covered with prayers. Still looking up and just know the Lord will be right with you and he

    will keep you intact. Be safe driving back to Burkett. May God bless and keep you in his loving arms.

    This for sure he will. Love y’all … Betty & Bob

  2. Thanks for keeping us posted about your trip/tests/good eats/shopping. Hope that you have good reports. Safe travel home! Prayers are always with you.

  3. It’s funny, now even cars have tempers! Glad you are on your way home and that you got in some good eatin’ while you were in Hooos-ton. If I remember from living there, there is some good eating to be had!

    IKEA changes *everything* every year, so there’s no hope of matching/replacing anything you’ve bought before. They want you to start again from scratch. I don’t see anything I want in their catalogues any more. If you buy it you can skip taking it out of the box and assembling it and put it directly in the trash.
    Love you,
    Auntie Deb