What a rat’s maze ~

MD Anderson is a HUGE place.   There are a million hallways, walkways and offices.  There are 6 elevators that go to totally different clinics on 10+ floors.   Of course,  elevator A is on one end and F is somewhere unknown to man.   The one’s in between are scattered and don’t necessarily go to every floor.   Then there are walkways over the roads to more clinics, labs, hotels.

DSCF9524   This was the little “you are here” sign in front of elevators A.

The staff was exceptionally nice and helpful.  The other patients….really depressing.  Lots of people walking around, heads down, all hope gone.   I couldn’t stand working with that day in and day out.  My hat is off to all those employees who stay cheerful in those trying situations.

We’ll go back tomorrow for more scans, x=rays and receive the schedule for additional testing in 2 weeks.    The Dr is thorough.   She has already read through all my written reports from previous scans, but she hasn’t seen the disks yet.   She said it would probably be another week or so before they would be scanned into their computers and read outs made for her.

She did have some encouraging words – but didn’t want to give us false info, so we’ll discuss further treatment when we see her again in a couple of weeks.   She explained a lot more about thyroid cancer and how it responds to the chemo treatments/radiation I’ve already had.   Was very interesting.   She also praised my local oncologist for being so diligent in her research and finding those treatments.   Said it’s very unusual to find one who will go the extra mile to figure out new treatments.  Will have to pass that along to Dr. Aks when we see her next.

Our hotel is right across the street from a BIG LOTS and about a dozen restuarants.  We had dinner and visited the Big Lots.   Was a little disappointed.  Think the store in Brownwood is better stocked.   But…it did relax me.  That’s a good thing.  Maybe tomorrow night we can visit the IKEA store.  Haven’t been in one of those since early 2000.

That’s it for tonight.  It’s been a long, trying day.   Think it’s time for bed for this chickee.

Susan ~ Patchkat



4 responses to “What a rat’s maze ~

  1. I pray for you and hope you find help here. It’s suppose to be the place to go for real help. My nephew is on the staff there. He is highly rated.
    GOD be with you and help the Dr.s with their diagnosis.

  2. A big hospital can be very intimidating. Sounds as if you drew a good doctor, and that is a tremendous blessing! You and your dear Ernie are in my prayers often as I go through the day. Beaming love, strength and all good things your way.

    Love you for myself and your for your daddy too, since he’s not here to say it to you himself. I know how he much he loved his baby girl.

    Auntie Deb

  3. your in my thoughts with this. do you need bread crumbs to make a trail? dont want ya’ll lost up in there!!

  4. I will say a prayer for you. Just keep the faith and hang in there. If you need an email buddy, you will find it here and there on my blog (some of the blog pages). Chemo sounds like the only choice, but there are other alternatives, as I am sure you are aware of. I spent quite a while with one of the best holistic doctors in the country…