Off on another adventure???

We finally got on the road about 2pm….when I left the office,  there were five (5) Scissor tails swooping over the van and into the trees.   They were chattering and playing…made me smile.   Thank you Lord for an uplifting sight when I needed the cheering up!!!

Saw a really interesting place with lots of lawn statuary.   There were chickens, cows, bulls, fountains.  Told Ernie we need to stop there so I can get a life size cow for the back yard, lol.  Wouldn’t eat much, certainly won’t foul things up and won’t walk off of it’s own accord.


This was one of our stops in Chappell?   at least I think that’s where we were.  By this time,  I was in need of meds…back side getting sore from riding.  The drive was nice as I’ve only been this way (36) one other time.  Lots of beautiful horse and cattle ranches.   The cattle are different from the ones around our area…brahma and red angus.   Fat and sassy, really sleek fur.

We found an IHOP a little closer into Houston and had double decker BLTs!   Yum.  Service was slow but the sandwiches were good.  I ate a little over half of mine and a few fries.   My sweet hubby finished it off so I didn’t look so wasteful.  I hate leaving food on a plate.




DSCF9523 (2)   While we were in IHOP, it was time to consult the map and see where we were going…I’m sure they thought we were nuts.  Houston has outgrown our outdated map but the main roads are still the same.

We used the Garmin and she actually got us right to the hotel with no mix-ups or problems.  I’m glad we came in 2 hours after rush hour.   Living in the country has left me terrorized of traffic.  Especially at night when I cannot tell what lane the vehicles are in.   Scary.

Now it’s time for a quick shower and bed.   I suspect morning will come too early…no matter what time I wake up.

Susan ~ Patchkat


5 responses to “Off on another adventure???

  1. I know what you mean by living in the country and being afraid of traffic. When we have to go to Fla. I hate that drive. And if I have to go through Atlanta, I’m a basket case. I’ve told hubby that I never never never want to go to Atlanta again. I85 is nuts. There is a speed limit but no one inforces it. They go 80 miles per hour and you are lucky if no one hits you. I’ll never complain about traffic in Franklin.

    Take care


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  2. I dont know if I told you, but your blog is sosososo good!! hope all the news is happy & the travels safe!!. Ronda

  3. Was it “our” motel? More good memories, Here is your hug for the day, and I’ll throw one in for Ernie.
    Love to both.