She loves me, she loves me not…..

Cassie Brad wedding 067  Little Isaac loves the flowers.  He took his boutineer apart at Alexandria’s wedding,  ate his Grandma’s corsage and played with all the flowers he could reach.   Here he is with one of the Bridesmaid’s bouquet….I think someone rescued it after this photo.   Doesn’t he look sharp in his little suit!

wedding 045

Then there is Cassie’s brother, Hunter….once again,  he provided the Wedding March music on a keyboard…flawlessly I might add!   He’s 10 and can read music better than most according to his teacher.   Another sharp dresser!    He had his shotgun shell boutineer all the way through the reception.






Here we have the groom with the bridesmaids….











and the bride with the groomsmen….










Cassie’s Papa Tom and Nana


wedding 097









and Ernie and I…..not sure what Ernie was doing but you can tell the wind was blowing.   We made it through the service without lots of wind.  Afterwards, the clouds came up along with the winds.  No rain though.


wedding 081 (2)

Susan ~ Patchkat


5 responses to “She loves me, she loves me not…..

    • PROBABLY, LOL….Hadn’t thought about that and I don’t know who was behind the camera on this one.

  1. Thanks for shareing the wedding pics, nice. Everyone was lovely. Did she throw the Bridle Bouquet before it got disassembled?

    • Yes, she threw the bridal bouquet….the one little Isaac was disassembling was a bridesmaid’s. She got it back before he tore it up. That boy does love flowers!

  2. Everyone looks great and so happy,,hugs to all great wedding photos to boot,,hugs and Cheers angeljeanne (jeanne)