and the wedding….

The 2nd trip to Wisconsin was uneventful just like we like them.   We flew Southwest Airlines…what a cattle car!   We got on an empty plane in Dallas…not an empty seat when we left.   A short stop in Kansas City where the cattle was unloaded and a new herd ushered onboard.  Once again, not an empty seat.   We’re talking about 3 seats on a side and each seat allowed about 16″ per butt.   CROWDED.   Was glad to disembark in Milwaukee and stretch a little.   We were met by the local wheelchair service and taken all the way to the rental car.  That was really nice.

Sadly,  the rental car people were a little on the rude and difficult side, but Ernie’s good nature prevailed and we were soon on our way in a little Chevy? Cruze.    Tiny car, great on gas mileage and good handling.     The Garmin finally located enough satellites to figure out where we were and head us on towards Oshkosh.    Enjoyed a quick lunch at the Cracker Barrel near Germantown, then back into the little sardine can to finish our drive to Ripon.

Checked into the hotel (think this was our 5th stay with them in as many years).    We were given a room with the bestest recliner in the area!   Between the recliner, a heating pad, pain pills and a blankie….I was good!   That was my go to place when my hip started hurting.  A few minutes on high and stretched out and I was ready to go again.

Had yummy meals at a little restaurant on Watson St called Kristina’s.   Everything from breakfast to Gyros!   We enjoy eating there.

Several trips to Christy’s to check on wedding plans and the hair/make up progress,  rehearsal and the dinner, then suddenly,  the day was upon us.   It was 70ish, sunny and absolutely perfect for an outdoor wedding.  The bride and her attendants were gorgeous…groom and his entourage were pretty sharp too!



Here we have proud parents and newly weds…Mr and Mrs Brad Lynn.

Of course, there were a ton of tissues in evidence and almost as many cameras.  As I am presented more photos,  I’ll try to post a few more.   These are just the ones the kids have posted on FB so far.

The bride’s family….




Grandparents, Tom and Kathleen, Larry and Karen, Sister Alex & brother-in-law Jim, Cassie and Brad, Grandparents Ernie and Susan, Parents Rustin and Christy…and in front,  Cassie and Brad’s son Isaac and Cassie’s brother Hunter.    Quite a gathering! and 4 generations on Cassie’s line.


Finally,  time to head off to the reception at the country club.  Good food, great DJ and enjoyable family visiting time.    Brad and Cassie in one of Brad’s lovely little Triumphs.   Nice ride!   Stolen kisses too :-)

Susan ~ Patchkat



4 responses to “and the wedding….

  1. Thanks Mom, for all your hard work on the flowers. They looked beautiful!!!!
    And Thanks for making the trip, a second time :)

  2. So glad you were able to make the trip and have such a wonderful time! That baby is growing so fast, and is so darn cute! I’m looking forward to more pics, if only I could have been there we’d have had five generations. sniff….
    Love you dearly,
    Auntie Deb