Flower pictures…finally!

I finally got the camera and the flowers in the same room….and had some decent light.

There are 3 of these red rose kissing balls to tie on the metal arch frame with some dreamy chiffon drapes…once we get them hung,  I’ll have to mash the flowers into place.  They’ve been living in a plastic bag since I got them finished.



Here is one of the corsages and a boutineer.   The colors are a tad brighter than they show up in the photo.   Working with the shotgun cartridges was different and fun.  There are 3 different weedy things and a little wad of red flowers…the colors show up so much better in person.   Looks good pinned on a jacket, so hoping it will be great on the tuxedos.    The corsages are pretty simple, but the yellow roses are rather large.   I decided to let them have center stage (like I could stop them, lol) with a supporting cast of sparkly green netting and a little red ribbon.

Now to get them all packaged up to shove in the suitcase for their trip.

Susan ~ PatchkatDSCF9358


7 responses to “Flower pictures…finally!

  1. Susan,

    those are gorgeous…. You are so talented. You will get them to Wisconsin, after all of that work.

    As smart as you are, you will see to that, I’am sure.

    Glad to see that you are feeling like doing all of that. God has given you so much talent and I know

    that you thank him for it every day.

    Take care, but don’t overdo.



    • Thank you for the kind words. Took me several days to get it all done…just hard to sit for long periods of time. You’re right. To God goes the glory for every aspect of my life….every day is a blessing from Him.

    • when you get tired of the housing job, hit up a florist & make theyre corsages & bouts!! those are great!!

      • ha ha haa…..but I do enjoy working with the flowers…they don’t talk back! They don’t total their apartments or cause problems with neighbors. Actually, there’s a lot to be said for flowers!!!!

  2. Love the shotgun bouts! I was wondering how they would work and they look absolutely great! They’ll spiff up the tuxs!

  3. Gorgeous work dear one! They will go a long way to make the day even more beautiful, and will be treasured mementos for decades to come. :)
    Big hugs from Auntie Deb