When it rains….

Last week happened and I think we missed most of it.   Made a quick trip back to Dr in Abilene with Ernie….after an exam and a Doppler imaging,   he’s okay.  YEAH!

Got home to find our side by side refrigerator had crapped out again.  Freezer was still working, but the refrigerator had quit.   Ernie unplugged everything to let it reset while I laid on the floor with vacuum sucking cat hair off of everything.   Got it cleaned, plugged it in…still nothing.   I started moving frozen stuff to the other freezer and loading boxes to carry to the church freezer.

Ernie called on of the young neighbors to come help with the boxes.   They hauled them to the church basement till we can get another freezer.   Nice Boss Lady came over and helped empty out the refrigerator and get stuff loaded into the other refrigerator.    We finally sat down to eat a late, reheated dinner about 9:30PM.    We were both exhausted.

Saturday was the start of the 59th Cavel Reunion at Lake Brownwood.   We trailered a big grill and all the hamburger stuff down.   One of the younger men came out and helped get the grill unloaded, helped cook the hamburgers and loaded the grill back onto the trailer today.   That was good.   Ethan and his Sister Audry are going to college locally, so we’re hoping to see more of them during the school year.  It would be fun to spend time with the younger generation.

We took photos, enjoyed good food, great company and a good auction!  The kids had access to the water, fishing, swimming, tubing and boating.   They played Ping-Pong and enjoyed multiple games of Skip-Bo, 42 and 84 with the older generations.   Sorry my Cavel siblings didn’t take advantage of a good fellowship opportunity.   We had a great time….already looking forward to the 60th reunion.

We came home last night,  went to Sunday School this morning, then back to the lake for more fun.   Had lunch, visited some more and loaded up to come home about 5PM.    Now we’re chilling for awhile.  I might even find enough energy to finish the wedding flowers for Cassie and Brad’s wedding….MIGHT.

Susan ~ Patchkat




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