Ernie went into surgery Thursday AM…came out with 2 stents placed end to end as the blocked area was a little long.   The blood flow is wonderful now!   He may need another stent later as there’s another area that bears watching.   Also,  if this surgery doesn’t fix the problem,  Ernie may need a pacemaker.   We’ll go back in about 10 days for them to do the EKG and check him out.   That T-shirt quilt that daughter Stacie and grands made awhile back went to the hospital with me…I spent my whole time wrapped up in it!  It was warm and cozy.   What a comfort.

We arrived home about 3PM yesterday and I’ve done nothing but fuss at Ernie to lay down,  leave stuff alone and take it easy.   he cannot drive until Monday and no lifting, pushing, pulling till next weekend.   You know how hard it is to keep an active man down????

As for me…I’m waiting on a call back from MD ANDERSON.   My local Dr. thinks we need to look at other options of medication that she nor the clinic she’s associated with have access to.   My PET showed some reduced size tumors (yeah!!) but it also showed several new tumors and that parts not what I wanted to hear.  Anyhow,  we’re in a holding pattern until I get an appointment.

Nice Boss Lady came and took care of kitties while we overnighted in Abilene with Ernie.   They don’t look any the worse for wear…but I haven’t seen NBL yet, lol!   They’re really a handful to deal with.

The flowers for next Granddaughter’s wedding arrived and we’ve picked up ribbons and needed supplies.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel like starting on them.  I think the corsages will be real pretty…still mulling options for the boutineers.   The shotgun shells are a challenge, lol.   It’s good that I like challenges.

Nothing new from here for now.

Susan ~ Patchkat


7 responses to “Stents!

  1. So good to hear Ernie is doing well, but I’m sure you have your hands full trying to keep him quiet. Hope to hear from the hospital for yourself soon.

  2. Sounds like you have a lot going on with Ernie and a wedding. Tell Ernie to take it easy and he’ll be just fine. After he gets the all clear from the doctor, he can handle everything much better.

  3. Relieved to hear you’re back home with Ernie the bronco. I simply can not understand how you haven’t got him tamed by now. The women in our family can usually horse whip a husband into submission in about 30 days time! Them “C” genes must be a gittin’ dilute! LOL

    You know you are wrapped up in our loving hearts and prayers. <3

    Auntie Deb