We found the tiniest scorpion crawling on the floor the other night….it was almost clear and no longer than 3/8″ from pinchers to nasty tail equipment.   Thinking it may have hitched a ride in on Ernie’s boots as he had been out in the garden and we had just had rains.   It was so small, the kitties weren’t really interested in it…and that’s NOT good!   Sassy is our early warning scorpion/spider device.   She’s as good as an old pointer hound.   Not for this little guy.   There were 4 kitties laying around in a circle just watching it.    Ernie dispatched it and was spraying the house the next morning.

Needless to say,  I’m not real happy with critters in the house.

Have a few okra producing.  Yeah!  And finally, the volunteer tomatoes are ripening.   I need to look at the seed box and see what I can plant for fall garden.   Think we’re only going to plant the boxes….maybe some greens and some beets.

Ernie has finished the baseboards in our bedroom and closet.  He still has the bathroom and the spare bedroom/closet to finish….and the laundry room.   He’s taking it slowly and getting it done.  Sure is looking nice.    Not sure how much more of the furniture will be moved back to the rooms…may just have a yard sale :-)

This is the week for Dr stuff, so asking for your prayers…not only for us, but for our dear friend Wanda.  She’s having procedures done today.    Maybe the following week will see everyone up and on the mend!

For the quilters/crafters who are Houston IQF bound…I just made our reservations last week.   We’ll be there Friday afternoon through Sunday AM.  Looking forward to meeting up with you there!

Susan ~ Patchkat


4 responses to “EEEK!

  1. Hi Susan and Ernie–I can commiserate with you on finding scorpions in the house. Once I actually picked one up as I thought that it was a bunch of threads on the floor. I am happy to hear that you are going to be at the Houston quilt show. I will be there too. Earl is thinking of making the drive down with me and we would stop in Brownswood one night on the way–probably on Monday the 28th. Would you still be home so that we can visit? Bye for now, Vivien.

  2. Thanks for thinking of me,, but I am up and doing. They did the skin graft taking skin from in front of my ear, about 4 inches. I will have a nearly new nose if this graft takes. Hope this is the last one. Hope yours goes as well.

  3. Sure hope you have a grand time. Take care of yourself, but laugh a lot. I am sure you will.

    We got home tonight. Bob drove straight through and also the same when we left on Thursday.

    85 miles an hour moves a bit fast for me. No tickets, but I might have a hard time getting to sleep,

    as I still feel like I am flying through the air. So tired, but maybe that will cause me to sleep. Bless his

    heart, we drove up to Birmingham where I was born and all of my seiblings and my parents were born.

    All of my people was born there, I think. Bob, like me, fell in love the country. I was born downtown

    B’ham, but the rest was from the Blount County area. It is the most beautiful country anyone could imagine.

    We spent the rest of the time in Montgomery. We enjoyed the family relatives and had many laughs.

    We also spent all day yesterday at a little country church for preaching, singing and then all the little ladies

    brought dishes of food and we had dinner (lunch) and afterwards we went back in the church and they had

    a quartet called “The Seekers” We had the best time, foot stomping, singing and you could sure feel the

    power of God in that place. Bob and I felt like we were young people again in our little ole church in Oklahoma.

    We went there year before last and enjoyed it immensely. My cousin, Nina & her husband Vern from North

    Carolina had attended that church with her mother when she was very small. Every August they have a

    Homecoming there. The church was l70 years old yesterday. It is an adorable place. When up in Birmingham

    we went my on of my dad’s uncle or great uncle’s church that was built in the l800.s The name , same as my

    maiden name, Hullett, It is called Hullett Chapel. so quaint, and it has a cemetery cross the road. Hullett Cemetery.

    Next year we are going to try to attend it..

    Sorry to rattle on, but thought you might like to know what we did and so forth.

    Take care and we are still praying for your healing, Susan…. May God touch your body in a mighty way. I sure

    believe he can.

    Love to you and Ernie,


  4. Eeek, scorpions! Tony’s brother visited us when we lived out in the desert outside of Phoenix in the late 60s. I went to change the sheets the morning he left and shook one of those small, poisonous scorpions out of his sheets. I clapped a glass over top of it and called my neighbour, who worked at the U of A in the lab where they extracted venom from rattlers, scorpions, spidery things etc. and he was delighted to come and get it. I was just glad it hadn’t stung Pete.

    I’m praying your doctor visits go well and markers, tests and all related indices are in your favour. Wrap yourself in the love of all of us!