Unsung beauty in the fields?

IMAG0100 (2) This view has been lifting my spirits and soliciting my prayers of gratitude all this week.

It lifts my heart to see the green fields waiting to be harvested, the bales from harvested fields and the neat furrows of the freshly plowed fields.    I see them all on my way to/from work every day.   In between, fields with full tanks and pastures of cattle!    This brings a smile to my face every time!

The scene last year was so dismal and different.   Only those who have suffered the drought with us will know why this is so special for us….we’ve had rain, we’ve had more moderated temperatures and lots of sunny days.

The Lord has blessed us richly…again.   We cannot praise or thank HIM enough for what HE does on a daily basis in our lives.

This field of bales goes on for acres in the background…and I think this is the 2nd harvest this year!!!!   It’s wonderful for the farmers and ranchers.

We’re seeing more birds in the fields and egrets, herons in the tanks.    God has provided a bounty of food and water for all.  Thank you dear Lord for your love and compassion.

Susan ~ Patchkat




2 responses to “Unsung beauty in the fields?

  1. We have had a much better year than the past two years. We have had enough rain early to get everything growing well.