Health issues…and stuff

The past couple of weeks have seen us acting like yo-yos again.    Our emotions have been up/down/up/down.  After the great report on cancer tumor markers in June,  the July numbers were up 800 points.    Dr ordered a CT scan to see what was happening as it hurt for me to breathe.   The scan shows no new tumors, several were slightly reduced actually, no bone fractures.   I have a small hiatal hernia which accounts for the indigestion.   All the  blood work was excellent.    no logical explanation for the elevated numbers.   But it still hurts to breathe.  Cannot take a deep breathe yet.   Heaven forbid I have to sneeze, it’s excruciating.  Dr. decided to leave me on the Votrient for another month and she ordered a PET scan for next Monday.     While I’m not sure about the difference between the two types of scans and what each actually tells them,  I gather the PET is a more in-depth look at the bones and tissues.

She has been researching the cancer treatments for this crud and came up with a study that is gaining a good reputation overseas.  The research company is looking to partner in the USA!   That means there will be clinical trials and studies here eventually.   She said this is a broad spectrum vaccine that doesn’t just work on one type of cancer, but retrains our cells to recognize cancer cells of any type and kill them.   It’s in the animal study area now and having almost 100% positive results.   Wouldn’t that be a blessing!   I’m pumped.   Maybe it will happen in my lifetime…or not.   I just pray it happens and there will be a cure finally.

Let’s see….we had the problems with Ernie’s enlarged lymph node.   The hospital did CT scan, Ultra Sound and all manner of blood work.   All the tests are normal.  We carried all of the testing information to Dallas last Tuesday.   Ernie’s surgeon looked at all the reports, read the scan results and reviewed the scan disk….told us to come home and not come back for 18 months unless there were problems!    YES!   That’s what we wanted to hear.

While Ernie is still cancer free, the Lord be Praised,  there is now an issue with his heart.  He did a stress test, blood work and a heart Sonargram last week…he has an Angiogram on the 22nd and they told him to pack to stay overnight in case they need to do a stent.   This was totally unexpected for us.    Please keep him in prayer.

In the meantime,  life goes on.   Our squash still isn’t producing, so Ernie’s been researching online.   He’s found that squash are NOT self pollinating…that there are male/female flowers and that it looks like we have all male flowers blooming!   that would explain the lack of fruits.   He’s been shaking the tomato plants and we’re starting to see the volunteer plants putting on cherry and roma tomatoes.   The heritage plant is 6′ tall and just starting it’s first tomato.   They act like they’re not getting enough water…you know, the curling leaves and everything looks dehydrated.    I think we’re watering enough but the cattle syrup buckets the plants are planted in are letting the roots get too warm.    We put them where the buckets are shaded most of the day while the plants themselves get sunlight….but the soil may still be too warm.

I pulled and pickled the last of the beets…pulled and dried the last of the onions.   Our peppers died and the okra is finally blooming.   I’m going to plant another round of beets this weekend if the signs are right.

The kittens have adapted well in the house.   The older cats are settling down and we don’t have much hissing.   We do have some tentative playing between the groups.    Spooky and Snuggles are fun to watch play.   They’re always together.  Oh…they found the toilet paper today….unrolled half a roll before caught.

That’s where we’re at and what’s happening in Burkett.   The problems will pass…and we’ll enjoy our days.   As always,  your positive thoughts and prayers are most welcome.

Susan ~ Patchkat


9 responses to “Health issues…and stuff

  1. Will keep you in my prayers. Your positive outlook and faith are a plus to your healing. Many hugs are sent your way.

  2. You are both in my heart – holding you both close and trying to send you lots of positive thoughts and emotional support. I love your attitude of dealing with the issues and yet enjoying your days and nights. I believe you will prevail.

  3. I found out that zucchini flowers open in the morning when the sun hits them. When it gets hot, they close. Mine were in the shade in the morning so they hardly ever got pollinated. By the time the sun hit them, it was hot and they just wouldn’t open to be pollinated. Hang in there! OH, watch out for vine borers, too.

  4. And the first blossoms any squash plant produces are males. Doesn’t make sense to me, but the girl blossoms have a tiny squash already behind the blossom. When you see those grab some pollen from a male blossom and pollinate the girl ones.

    When it rains it seems to pour where health issues are concerned. Let’s hope Ernie “passes” his test and doesn’t need a stent. Thankfully, if he does it’s not that big a deal anymore. The wonders of modern medicine! I heard about that cancer vaccine on the news. Sounds promising!

    Love ya,

  5. Love you bunches. Not sure I can say much more without feeling so negative.You know me….. worry wort!

  6. I don’t know much about zuccini. I plant… they grow… I eat. Thats about all I know on that matter. :)