Nice to have a harem?

Mr. Rooster showed up here this morning with a Harem of 5 hens.  There are 4 brown/red hens and one white.  The rooster is white, gold and brown.   Really pretty in the sunlight.  Everytime the hens wander away, he starts clucking and calling them back. 

There was racing around the back yard chasing grasshoppers, jumping into low hanging branches to retrieve grasshoppers and lots of head waving and wing flapping to stir up grasshoppers.   Was a rough day to be a grasshopper in our yard!  


Was sitting here looking out the window this evening and they were all back – so cool.  The cats just watch them, none of them made an attempt to go after the chickens and the chickens just gave the kitties a wide berth.  Wish the raccoons would do the same.  They’ve cleaned out all the neighbors chickens.   For now,  I’m going to enjoy watching these guys as they do their thing.

Susan ~ Patchkat