ickky feelings

We both got home from WI with runny noses, stopped up heads and some sneezing….that’s pretty common from airplane rides.   I’m still sneezing and my chest is soooo tight.  Feel like I’ve strained every chest muscle possible.    Trying to figure out how one’s head can be stuffed full of cotton and the faucet of a nose won’t turn off!   ICK.

Have Dr apt tomorrow.  Will get her to listen to chest to be sure we’re dealing with cold,  not anything worse.

In the meantime,   Ernie brought the bookcases in and I’m unpacking books and stuff to get them set up again.   We’re cleaning out as we’re bringing in….will have a big load for the mission before too long.   I’m enjoying the stripped down house.  Almost hate to bring anymore furniture in.   How sad, cause I love all our furniture and goodies.

Would like to spend a little time cutting out some quilt kits.  Bought the cutest pirate boy fabric while we were in WI….it’s calling my name!

Susan ~ Patchkat


4 responses to “ickky feelings

  1. Hmmm…. must be from the plane, because no one here is sick.
    Knock, Knock (on wood)
    Feel better soon. :)
    love you!!!