What a Treat!!!

We arrived home from WI last Monday after weather related delays in Milwaukee…it was 10:30PM by the time we made it to the house.  The kids were still up with their Mom watching a movie…don’t you love Summer :-) 

While we were gone, they spoiled the kitties, kept the house neat, played with the featherweight machines and celebrated Reed’s 14th birthday with a chocolate cake iced in green and purple!!!

Once we settled down a little, the kids had a suprise for us…tshirt quilt

Stacie steered the kids through 2 days of cutting, sewing and tying … I think they did an excellent job of making their first T-shirt quilt!!! 

(After all,   I’m still dithering 9 years later on the T-Shirt quilts I’m supposed to be making,  Guess I”ve been overthinking the process and been too challenged to even try!)

I’ve slept under this comfy every night since :-)  What can I say?  I absolutely love the quilt!   It’s soft with a dark reddish purple fleece backing, no batting….and the binding is kitty printed cotton.  It’s wonderful!

So, a big THANK YOU to Stacie, Allison, Reed and Adrienne!  Y’all did good and the quilt will be well loved :-) as are all of you.  Another Thank you for their Dad, Lane who stayed home and worked, took care of their livestock so they could housesit for us!   It’s good to have great kids!  Love you all.



2 responses to “What a Treat!!!

  1. Thanks for showing that beautiful quilt made with love; I too “overthink the process” on all my quilts – a lesson will have to be learned quickly! xx