In all my careful lists for packing,  I neglected to include the necessary equipment to upload photos directly from the camera that I’m using.

We visited the little burgs of Berlin and Princeton after a yummy breakfast at Kristina’s this morning.   French toast with fresh strawberries for me,  eggs, fried ham, hash browns and home made bisquits for Ernie.  Lots of strong coffee and hot tea.

Our daughter and her DH lived in Princeton for many years.   We toured the area, found their old house and a great ice cream shop.  Sadly, the U-pickit cherry farm is no longer open :-(   We picked through several junk/antique shops.  I fell in love with some architectural salvage pieces, but left them behind as I’m not willing to ship them back to Texas.

We took the granddaughters to Berlin when they were about half their current ages.  Spent a pleasant day back then playing in a beautiful park with bright orange leaves adorning the trees.  We made lots of pictures that day.  The whole area is absolutely beautiful.   Today,  we drove around looking at the old houses,  got a few pics of some that have been restored and of a church that was built and established in 1821.

We also visited several antique shops there.  Not much I was interested in, but a really nice proprietress.

Now,  we’re back in the hotel with Jalapeno Pepper Jack Cheese and some homemade Fococcia Bread.  That will be late night snack food while we’re here :-)

Time to hit the shower…rehearsal coming up.  Daughter Christy just called and she’s up to her ears in cooking…would probably like a little help.

Susan ~ Patchkat


Two days til the wedding…

We flew into Milwaukee, WI yesterday,  rented the vehicle and drove to our destination.   Got checked into hotel,  made a run to KMart for a few supplies and grabbed Subway to take back to hotel.   Quick visit with the kids in between.

Day 2….kids have nail appointments and such prior to rehersal and we’re on our own.  Haven’t decided what we’re going to do.   As exhausted as we’ve been running,  we may lay on the bed all day, lol.  NOT.  Didn’t fly all this way to sleep.

Anyhow,   we’re here and it’s beautiful.  Sunny and 77 degrees.   Cool enough that a light jacket would’ve been welcome last night.

Off for a day of sightseeing/shopping.  May have to ship boxes home, lol.


Susan ~ Patchkat