Rain, Rain, don’t go away….

There was patchy rain showing on weather.com when we retired last night…and we did get a little bit of very welcome rain.  Was enough to make the morning a little cooler…and it’s only 91 out there right now.  Sure beats 105!!!   Thanking the Good Lord for every drop we received.

Today was 5th Sunday at church…that means we had a dinner afterwards.  Was really good today.  It’s always pot luck.  we had several good casseroles,  a couple of roasts, beans and soup and bbq ribs.   Of course,  there were all the normal side dishes and a table of desserts.  It was great!   Baptist ladies can definitely cook!

ApacheKat is home again.   She’s on a special diet and we’re keeping her separate until after her allergy blood tests comes back.  She’s still got a few open sores, but she’s feeling feisty again.  This morning she jumped on the foot stool and right up on the bed to get petted.    She only jumps when she’s feeling pretty good.

Ernie is still working on the baseboard and we’re slowly moving furniture back into the rooms.   Cannot wait until it’s all finished and the house is back together.  This is driving me nuts, lol.   Ernie selected and purchased a center island for the kitchen…which resulted in having to rearrange some stuff in the laundry room and kitchen.  The laundry room looks good.



The squash are blooming!  Yeah!  It’s been slow going, but we were so late in getting the seeds planted that I cannot blame anyone but myself.




We picked up a cat climbing tower the other day.

DSCF9162Ernie assembled it  on Friday morning…he said as soon as he got it finished,  Scamp was on the top shelf of it…checking it all out.  So far,  he’s claimed the house shelf for himself while Mitzi and Shadow Fire share ownership of the same lower shelf.   Mitzi won out this time.








ShadowFire and Bear chose the rug rather than fight for a berth.

That’s it for the day…y’all have a good one.

Susan ~ Patchkat




3 responses to “Rain, Rain, don’t go away….

  1. Your Sunday Baptist lady pot luck made my mouth water. I so miss my church family from Columbus, MS. Things are different in Panama City, FL.

    Scamp looks quite relaxed.

  2. Woke about 3am, and had a soft rain coming down. by 6am we had 6/10 of an inch. this is the most since the first of the year. Keeping prayers open for more. Glad to hear you also had some.
    Glad to hear kitty is home, hug her for me.

  3. Hello,

    Do you have any idea what ApacheKat is allergic to? We’ve been round and round with our cat, Iggy. Right now I’ve taken away his Meow Mix wet food. It’s the only thing we haven’t tried. Iggy has a big place on his back between his shoulder blades that he has scratched into a big sore. At the present time it is dry but it looks awful. I’m feeding him “people” tuna and his dry food (Green Pea and duck). He was licking all the fur off his front legs but it looks like the hair is coming back. Any tips?


    western North Carolina

    If you expect the world to be fair with you because you are fair, you’re fooling yourself. That’s like expecting the lion not to eat you because you didn’t eat him.

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