The week at a glance, lol

ApacheKat is still at the vet.  She’s been kenneled going on 2 weeks with the skin stuff.  Home treatment wasn’t working as the steroids had worn off, so I carried her to the vet.  She was looking pretty good until this past Wednesday when she showed signs of the blood pooling again…by Monday,  she’ll probably have 2 new sores draining.  Sure wish they could find a cure for this stuff.  She’s such a sweetheart and it makes me sick that they cannot “fix” her.

The flooring was finished on the 18th.  It looks BOOTiful!!!!  Ernie has moved the washer/dryer back to the laundry room, cut the screen doors to the new pantry and set up the TV stand. (Priorities, lol).   The computer desk and my computer table are pretty much back together and of course,  the bed and dressers in our bedroom.   We still have baseboards to paint and put down, so not in a hurry to bring in all the stuff yet.

The garden boxes are looking good.  All the squash is ready to bloom.  The tomatoes are all blooming and I pulled a handful of beets tonight.  I’m hoping to get them cooked and pickled Sunday evening.   Ernie picked hot banana peppers yesterday.  YUM.   We were gifted 5 nice zucchini and about the same in yellow summer squash.  I’ll have to get them going in the dehydrator Sunday afternoon.  I love it when the fresh fruit/vegetables start coming in.  Time to can and dehydrate!

We’re heading out early in the morning…going to Longview, TX for my nephew’s wedding.  Looking forward to seeing all the sibs.   Hope to convince them to attend the family reunion being held at Lake Brownwood over Labor Day weekend.   Last year’s reunion was fun, this one should be better…we’ll know more people, lol.

Need to go deal with a load of laundry then head for bed.  Y’all have a terrific weekend!

Susan ~ Patchkat


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  1. We spent 3 weeks in Florida and Iggy the cat had licked most of the fur off his two front legs, chewed and scratched a hole in his back and looked awful.

    We took him to the vet last Wednesday for his rabies shot, a steroid shot for his “skin condition” and a wellness check up. Now the cat is a $1700 cat. I love him to death but wish I could find out why he scratches and chews. When he found us, he looked ok (except for being skinny). They say he has allergies….chicken, grain, etc. I’ve never had a cat that was allergic to anything. Anyway, he seems to be doing better. I have read that some cats have “this thing” where they lick off fur. Wish I could get him healthy.

    You are going to love your new flooring.


    If you expect the world to be fair with you because you are fair, you’re fooling yourself. That’s like expecting the lion not to eat you because you didn’t eat him.

    Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2013 04:12:44 +0000 To:

    • Lynn, the vets here and at Texas A&M say it’s an allergy…and that Amoxicillan should fix it. We’ve changed her litter, some of her foods…if it’s a grain allergy, then we’ll have to take her completely off dry food (which she loves)…we haven’t done the food allergy testing because they said with animals, it takes 6-12 months for each food to see if they’re allergic to it. After 3 years, we’re way beyond reasonable monetary amounts and still trying to figure it out. I refuse to put her down…keep hoping something will be figured out.