Flooring Day!

DSCF9109YeHaw!  Today is flooring day!

The Cruz brothers, Philipe and Manuel arrived on time and were ready to get started.  They carried in a handful of tools including a really neat saw that cut a groove between the floor and the bricks on the hearth…and that made the perfect space for the laminate flooring to slide into.  Terrific!  Here they are laying out planks to check the pattern placement.

DSCF9120By quitting time, they had the living room, kitchen. part of the hallway, and one bathroom done.  I love the flooring!

We will have to pick up the baseboards and get them painted in the next week or so.  Once finished,  I can start rearranging the furniture.

The last picture for today shows the flooring in the living room…needless to say,  nothing is where it belongs, but the flooring is pretty!   It feels so nice on the feet.     I’m excited!                               Susan ~ Patchkat



8 responses to “Flooring Day!

  1. I am so envious- we were planning on doing some remodeling this summer but so far nothing. Love wood flooring. Looks great

  2. Wow… great floors. YOu say it is laminate? Amazing. Looks like regular wood. Consumer reports always has good things to say about the laminate floors now… Great choice.

    • Scamp, ShadowFire and Ebby LOVE the new flooring. They’ve already figured out that they can run about 5 feet, slam on the brakes and slide to the sliding doors! Scamp loves the sound of running on the floors…his little nails make little clicking noises. Dumb kitten.

  3. Our cats love our laminate too, they “spin their wheels” on the floor and do donuts. Your floors look wonderful! So glad you finally got them done!
    Aunt Deb

    • We’re glad too. Found the matching quarter round for the base of kitchen cabinets, so Ernie will be able to finish that off next week. YEAH! We’ll do baseboards one room at a time and reload furniture as we go.