Tulip flower hand prints ~ aren’t they cool!

I keep forgetting to show you my new favorite picture…I remember the days when we still had little ones at home who brought home school projects that graced our refrigerator door…and it’s been a long time!   When the Grandchildren came along,  there was another generation of craft projects hanging on the door…and now…yet another generation is providing artwork!

Our Great Grandson Isaac made this for Mother’s Day.  I’m sure he had lots of parental supervision in the making, but I think it’s cool for a 14 month old!

Here we are, a month past Mother’s Day and it’s still on the front of our refrigerator, lol.   I’ll eventually take it down and slide it into a photo album.

Anyhow, it’s special and  it makes me smile every time I walk by the refrigerator.  Just wanted to share.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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