What a mess

Finally getting the pictures uploaded of the bare floors, disheveled furniture and the stacks of flooring.   I’m soooo ready to get this project finished and the furniture back in place.  I cannot think straight in a messy house.

DSCF9103The view from dining area back to front door.  Plywood subflooring…ick.  Feels pretty funky underfoot.

Laura and Ernie pulled all of this out…pulled up all the tack strips…lots of staples, nails and pieces of broken baseboards and tack strips.  What a mess.

They did a great job of cleaning up the mess.  Now it’s all ready for the new laminate floating flooring!

After they sweated all morning on the hallway,  they moved on to the living room and managed to move furniture and get half of the room finished by dinner time.


Here we have plywood subflooring…carpet that hasn’t been removed yet and the linoleum in front of the fireplace.  The linoleum is in front of the sliding doors too…supposed to be an entryway to keep one from tracking mud on carpets.  It’s ugly too…but nothing could be uglier than that brown/gold shag 70’s carpeting.   yep,  70’s.  We have determined the carpeting was original to the house.    They replaced the linoleum in kitchen with vinyl tiles when they remodeled the kitchen.  That’s ugly too!

Now,  we have shots of the living room…with boxes of flooring interspersed with the few pieces of furniture still in the living room.


As you can see,  GG SassyFras is enjoying the new perch.  She’s sampled every stack of flooring and loving being on something new.

Still need to move the entertainment unit and the stuff off the hearth.  Just ran out of energy.




Still have 2 chairs and the treadle sewing machine in the living room…and more flooring.

There is one more large stack of flooring in the dining room along with 4 chairs, the table and a dresser full of table linens.   We’ll move those out on the 16th.

The cats are enjoying the new perches, but the whole carpet pulling, moving operation has made them all very skittish.   The 2 older cats seem to remember moving…

and they didn’t like it then, certainly not happy with our shenanigans now.

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “What a mess

  1. I love how cats “take possession” of anything new. Such interesting creatures. Your floors will be wonderful.

  2. those are not perches, those are supervisory positions-lol.
    After all it is their world and we are here to serve our felines-lol