Update on the Grape Arbor

This post is long overdue and the arbor still isn’t in place, nor the grapes planted.  Maybe one evening this week!

This arbor was fleshed out from parts from my parent’s house…and some parts that Ernie purchased.  He told me the next time I get a wild idea,  He’s starting from scratch!  Said it’s too much like a puzzle to fit together bits and pieces that are being recycled.   We still have the pretty wrought iron posts that were donated by our neighbor.  It was on her Mom’s house for many years.  I love it because it’s old and it’s SUNFLOWERS!  That will be the last part on the new arbor.


Once that was done,  Ernie added wire to the two sides for the grapes to climb.  The whole thing stands about 10′ tall.    We’ve moved it out into the backyard, but it still needs to be set in it’s permanent location.   Wish I’d taken photos of Ernie moving the arbor.  He “shoe’d” the 4 legs in plastic coffee cans so it would “glide” across the yard.    It was ingenious!   It worked!

It will take several more people to help get it moved across the little draw in the yard to where I would like it to be.  Once it’s in place,  it still has to be set in holes in the ground so that it stands about 8′ tall.    The grapes are growing great and will be ready to plant as soon as the arbor is set.


Oh,  the wrought iron sunflowers will be on the two front posts facing the house.   They get wired in place and will add some detailing to the front.    I think it will be a nice focal point in the otherwise barren backyard.

We’ve got pots of daylilies ready to bloom.  I’m hoping to put them in the area around the arbor…and adding a bird bath, some feeders and a few more flowers to attract the butterflies, hummingbirds and the other birds.

Susan ~ Patchkat


One response to “Update on the Grape Arbor

  1. It’s sounds like a lot of work but so worth it I bet it will be beautiful with the grape vines in twined around it