Installers on the 17th!!! yippee skippee!!!

A friend came and worked with us today.  The house is totally carpet free tonight.  I’m so thrilled to have that ugly stuff out of the house!   All that’s left is taking the baseboards out of the closets, bathrooms  and laundry room.   Ernie spent the evening pulling the baseboards out of our bedroom…he has a little to finish there.

Ernie and John moved all the furniture from the guest bedroom and most of the master bedroom furniture.  PB and ApacheKat were NOT impressed with the moving mess.  Both of them squalled and were very nervous at the goings on.  They do not like change.

We’ll leave the king bed and just move it as the installers need to work in the room.  You should see our bunkhouse, ROFLOL…hope none of the kids are planning to visit anytime soon.   They’ll be hard pressed to get to a bed, much less be able to sleep in one!

Should have a few pictures for you tomorrow after we pick up those molding.  Too tired tonight to mess with the photos.

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “Installers on the 17th!!! yippee skippee!!!

  1. Susan, you may find that you have muscles you never knew about before! My arm was really sore the other day and I couldn’t figure out why. Then thought about how I had dug some strawberry plants out of a neighbor’s yard with a shovel and some of the soil was hard as a rock. She hadn’t bothered to water it down! They are having the Relay for Life here today and it’s supposed to be 108 and following the temp, it said “Blazing sunshine and very hot!” Good description. I usually go but not sure I’ll even venture out of the house. Was 109 yesterday with a slight breeze that was like being hit by a blast furnace! I like the sun better than the cold (why I live in CA) but this is overdoing it a bit.