Now I remember why…

I waited so long to push for the new flooring…Ernie has been more than willing, so he wasn’t the hold-up.  I just hate messes and change….and right now,  we’re in the middle of BOTH!

We ordered laminate flooring last week.  It’s sitting in Abilene right now…should be here tomorrow.   Weather in CO held it up for a day.  Anyhow,  do you have any clue what has to happen before you put down new flooring?   You have to clean out some of the junk you’ve accumulated,  pack up all the books so you can move the book cases…find places to shove all the little lamps, tables, side chairs, etc…relocate the cats and their necessary supplies…so lots of sweaty time spent moving furniture, packing up…it’s almost like MOVING.  UGH.

Now, we’re at the rip out the moldings, carpets, padding stage.  Daughter Laura was here over the weekend to help out…and Ernie is finishing what they started.  Some friends from church have offered to help Friday.   We’re hoping to have the furniture all moved and all the carpet out by Saturday evening.   What a lot of work.   I knew what to expect, but when you’re doing it yourself,  well, lets say it’s wayyyy more than I planned on…and Ernie is doing most of the work,  so it’s not even like I’m breaking nails and pulling out hair.

We’ll pick up the molding for the exterior doors and some new wax rings for the toilets…and then I think we’ll be ready for the installers.  We have talked ourselves out of doing the installation.  That’s crawling around, cutting things to fit and then making it all work.  Nope.  Don’t have it in us anymore.  Just too much.  We’re replacing all the molding, which we’ll paint and install after the installers leave.  I’m hoping we’ll still be able to walk and still be married when it’s done!

Pictures later!

Susan ~ Patchkat


5 responses to “Now I remember why…

  1. I have been there and done that and I so feel for you both! I have found its never a good thing to do projects like that at my house but somehow I always get roped into helping which usually causes yelling at me :( I avoid like the plague!!!

  2. I know it is a lot of work but you will enjoy the space once its completed. Also, it gives you the opportunity to purge the things you never got around to getting rid of. Good luck in the endeavor. Looking forward to pictures.

  3. If Charles and I could stay married through gutting a kitchen and building a dining room, I know you and Ernie can make it. And all this was during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.
    Glad you are letting someone else put this down and you both will have less stress.

  4. My husband & I are doing the same thing. He painted our 70’s paneling, needing 2 coats of primer and 2 coat of regular. Look so bright (yellow), half of our wall to wall rug is out–trash pick up will only take so much. Now trying to pick a color for our floor. Did you choose Pergo or another brand. Decisions, decisions. Never new I had bought so many quilt books. Time to slow down. Everything in boxes except my sewing machine and cabinet. Have fun!!! And I wonder what we will owe our husbands?