Rain, Rain, don’t go away….

There was patchy rain showing on weather.com when we retired last night…and we did get a little bit of very welcome rain.  Was enough to make the morning a little cooler…and it’s only 91 out there right now.  Sure beats 105!!!   Thanking the Good Lord for every drop we received.

Today was 5th Sunday at church…that means we had a dinner afterwards.  Was really good today.  It’s always pot luck.  we had several good casseroles,  a couple of roasts, beans and soup and bbq ribs.   Of course,  there were all the normal side dishes and a table of desserts.  It was great!   Baptist ladies can definitely cook!

ApacheKat is home again.   She’s on a special diet and we’re keeping her separate until after her allergy blood tests comes back.  She’s still got a few open sores, but she’s feeling feisty again.  This morning she jumped on the foot stool and right up on the bed to get petted.    She only jumps when she’s feeling pretty good.

Ernie is still working on the baseboard and we’re slowly moving furniture back into the rooms.   Cannot wait until it’s all finished and the house is back together.  This is driving me nuts, lol.   Ernie selected and purchased a center island for the kitchen…which resulted in having to rearrange some stuff in the laundry room and kitchen.  The laundry room looks good.



The squash are blooming!  Yeah!  It’s been slow going, but we were so late in getting the seeds planted that I cannot blame anyone but myself.




We picked up a cat climbing tower the other day.

DSCF9162Ernie assembled it  on Friday morning…he said as soon as he got it finished,  Scamp was on the top shelf of it…checking it all out.  So far,  he’s claimed the house shelf for himself while Mitzi and Shadow Fire share ownership of the same lower shelf.   Mitzi won out this time.








ShadowFire and Bear chose the rug rather than fight for a berth.

That’s it for the day…y’all have a good one.

Susan ~ Patchkat




Congratulations to Rustin & Jessica Cavel

We made the trip to Longview, TX  to witness our Nephew Rustin Cavel and his bride elect, Jessica Shankle exchange vows.  They had a beautiful ceremony with the parents  very much involved.


Jessica and her Dad.  She is a beautiful girl with a personality to match!   Rustin is one lucky guy!

The parents each read a scripture passage they felt was important for the couple to remember and live by…a very touching, emotional time in the ceremony.  My brother Jimmy on the right with his lovely wife, Kelly.   DSCF9137




Mr. & Mrs. Rustin R. Cavel being presented to the assembled guests for the first time….


Jessica’s dress had wraps and layers of what appeared to be a cotton fabric…with lovely fringed raw edges.  She wore a wispy  lace net veil with a sparkly hair comb and a strand of white pearls.   Her wedding ring was from her Grandmother.

The backdrop in the church was all white and draped.  She used vases of white/green hydrangea and 2 large baskets of ferns.  There were flameless candles on the dais and hydrangea tied on the chairs along the main aisle with purple & white rose petals strewn along the aisle.

Her attendants were in different shades of rose & purple.

Everything was very understated and beautiful.   Prayers for a happy and fruitful union!

Susan ~ Patchkat




The week at a glance, lol

ApacheKat is still at the vet.  She’s been kenneled going on 2 weeks with the skin stuff.  Home treatment wasn’t working as the steroids had worn off, so I carried her to the vet.  She was looking pretty good until this past Wednesday when she showed signs of the blood pooling again…by Monday,  she’ll probably have 2 new sores draining.  Sure wish they could find a cure for this stuff.  She’s such a sweetheart and it makes me sick that they cannot “fix” her.

The flooring was finished on the 18th.  It looks BOOTiful!!!!  Ernie has moved the washer/dryer back to the laundry room, cut the screen doors to the new pantry and set up the TV stand. (Priorities, lol).   The computer desk and my computer table are pretty much back together and of course,  the bed and dressers in our bedroom.   We still have baseboards to paint and put down, so not in a hurry to bring in all the stuff yet.

The garden boxes are looking good.  All the squash is ready to bloom.  The tomatoes are all blooming and I pulled a handful of beets tonight.  I’m hoping to get them cooked and pickled Sunday evening.   Ernie picked hot banana peppers yesterday.  YUM.   We were gifted 5 nice zucchini and about the same in yellow summer squash.  I’ll have to get them going in the dehydrator Sunday afternoon.  I love it when the fresh fruit/vegetables start coming in.  Time to can and dehydrate!

We’re heading out early in the morning…going to Longview, TX for my nephew’s wedding.  Looking forward to seeing all the sibs.   Hope to convince them to attend the family reunion being held at Lake Brownwood over Labor Day weekend.   Last year’s reunion was fun, this one should be better…we’ll know more people, lol.

Need to go deal with a load of laundry then head for bed.  Y’all have a terrific weekend!

Susan ~ Patchkat

Flooring Day!

DSCF9109YeHaw!  Today is flooring day!

The Cruz brothers, Philipe and Manuel arrived on time and were ready to get started.  They carried in a handful of tools including a really neat saw that cut a groove between the floor and the bricks on the hearth…and that made the perfect space for the laminate flooring to slide into.  Terrific!  Here they are laying out planks to check the pattern placement.

DSCF9120By quitting time, they had the living room, kitchen. part of the hallway, and one bathroom done.  I love the flooring!

We will have to pick up the baseboards and get them painted in the next week or so.  Once finished,  I can start rearranging the furniture.

The last picture for today shows the flooring in the living room…needless to say,  nothing is where it belongs, but the flooring is pretty!   It feels so nice on the feet.     I’m excited!                               Susan ~ Patchkat



Happy Father’s Day wishes for each of the Special men in my life…GOD the father of all, Husband, Ernie, Step-Dad Bob…Son Lance Neves,  Sons-in-Law Rustin Workowski and Lane DeVoll, and my Sibs…Richard, Jerry, Mike and Jimmy Cavel.   Special remembrances of Dad, Hall Cavel.

Hope each of you has had a wonderful day.

I have been so blessed to have so many special men in my life.

Susan ~ Patchkat

Tulip flower hand prints ~ aren’t they cool!

I keep forgetting to show you my new favorite picture…I remember the days when we still had little ones at home who brought home school projects that graced our refrigerator door…and it’s been a long time!   When the Grandchildren came along,  there was another generation of craft projects hanging on the door…and now…yet another generation is providing artwork!

Our Great Grandson Isaac made this for Mother’s Day.  I’m sure he had lots of parental supervision in the making, but I think it’s cool for a 14 month old!

Here we are, a month past Mother’s Day and it’s still on the front of our refrigerator, lol.   I’ll eventually take it down and slide it into a photo album.

Anyhow, it’s special and  it makes me smile every time I walk by the refrigerator.  Just wanted to share.

Susan ~ Patchkat

Scamp…our little Scamp


He started out such a little guy.   Now he’s a true little Scamp.  Full of energy.  He keeps ShadowFire such good company.

We’ve started letting Scamp outside when we’re out.  He stays close to the house and comes when called.

If you’re sitting down,  Scamp thinks he has to be in your lap.   When he’s tired,  he just crawls up on you and flops down.   He’s rolled off of me several times…he’s so funny.

Susan ~ Patchkat