Flowers everywhere!

I may have mentioned that we have 2 granddaughters engaged to be married this year….one in July, the other in September and both in Wisconsin!  Daughter Christy has been up to her ears in wedding preparations for months and months.  She’s going to be the typical Mom and be a nervous wreck by the time the first wedding happens, lol.   Maybe she’ll be more settled by the time the second one rolls around.

In the meantime,  she’s shipped the makings and list for the boutineers and corsages for the family and groomsmen.   Ernie and I have spent two days looking for more flowers and ribbons.  That was fun.  Ernie has a terrific sense of color and was able to match and make some good suggestions.   We’re home tonight with 3 shades of purples/turquoise ribbons and a few more flowers.   I have the components made for the corsages.   I’ll assemble them tomorrow evening.

Boutineers – Granddaughter Alex has a great start on those…Just need to assemble a few more and do a little more to what she has assembled.  should have photos tomorrow evening.

This has been fun, but then,  I’ve had lots of practice with corsages and mums.  Hard not to with 4 teenagers in High School at the same time.  With 3 girls, there were numerous functions that called for flowers for them and all their friends.   Our son was in scouts and I did all the table decorations and corsages for their banquets.  I really enjoy messing with the flowers then and I still do!

Think it’s time to close up the flower shop for tonight.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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