Crime Wave :-(

Several concerned residents of Burkett met 2 weeks ago to discuss a Crime Awareness Program due to all the robberies and problems around here.  Tonight,  we had our first official meeting.  39 residents showed up along with our Council Precinct Member, a Sheriff’s deputy and the County Judge.  Got some good input from the officials.

There was an introduction with our purpose in forming this group and the proposed agenda.  The residents asked questions with some positive answers from the officials.  All in all,  a good meeting… we established a contact list for residents to call if they see anything odd…and a couple of folks to be the contacts for the Sheriff’s dept…we’ll see how this works.

The officials have arrested 6 people in conjunction with the 20 robberies in Coleman County and they’ve solved 17 of the 20.   If the criminals keep squealing on each other,  they’ll get them all soon.   They’ve got a huge amount of evidence to catalog and start returning to the rightful owners.  That’s good news for those who were victims.

Not only did we discuss the crimes, but also got the scoop from the Judge as to what we can do to clean up some of the local properties.   Other than some unofficial threats, we can file complaints under the “Nuisance Ordnances” of the State Statuates…and fines can be assessed.  If the properties are considered a health hazard, that falls into a different category with more fees and legal action.  We did get some positive reactions from some of the property owners present.   1 lady who rents her property out went straight to her tenants and gave them a week to get the place cleaned out!   I hope she will get them gone soon.   A good beginning.  Maybe some of the other problems in town will start feeling the pressure of being watched all the time and MOVE ON.

Ernie and the VFD missed most of the meeting as they were called out on a burn gone wrong.  Every time the county lifts the burn ban, some fool decides to do a major burn and the VFD ends up having to go put it out.  Today the wind got up and the sparks flew…and lit the neighbors field.  4 and a half hours later,  the fire was out.  Crazy.

Time to crawl between the sheets for tonight.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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